Amazon Mechanical Turk Review

With Amazon Mechanical Turk, you sign in. Do some HITs. That’s Human Intelligence Tasks, and earn some money! If its Amazon, It’s gotta be good right? Let’s take a look and see. Here’s my Amazon Mechanical Turk Review.

Amazon Mechanical Turk Review
Mechanical Turk – 1980’s mechanical reconstruction of Late 18th century fake chess playing machine

Amazon Mechanical Turk Review

Name: Amazon Mechanical Turk
Owner: Amazon
Cost: Free to join
Rank: 80 out of 100

Amazon Mechanical Turk –  Overview  

The image above is of a mechanical recreation of a late 18th century, fake, chess playing machine. Wikipedia – The Turk . The original Turk in 1770 was billed as a mechanical creation that would play chess, and most frequently win. In fact, it was an elaborate, human operated, hoax.

Indeed a human, or several, were responsible for the winning reputation of The Turk. A master chess player would be in The Turk whenever it was being demonstrated. Playing and beating some quite famous names like Benjamin Franklin, and Napoleon Bonaparte before the device was discovered to be a hoax in the early 1820’s.

It took a human, at that time, to do the complex task of playing chess. Today it still takes a human to make appropriate decisions about different things.

This is what Amazon Mechanical Turk is about.

Human Intelligence Tasks – HITs

Capture 124  Amazon Mechanical Turk Review welcome


A large variety of tasks are presented for you to choose from. Each task has a rate of pay that will range from as little a penny to complete a task, to several dollars to complete a task.

You will find tasks like:

  • A visual attention experiment – Pay $0.25  Anticipated time to complete 12 min. Time allotted 20 min.
  • Jury decision making experiment- Pay $0.25 Anticipated time to complete 7 to 10 min. Time allotted 20 min.
  • Answer a survey about hotel booking sites
  • Transcribe from audio recording
  • Test mobile app’s

Some of these tasks may require a qualification of one kind or another. You can request to become qualified right on the site. Some qualifications may require a test of some sort, others may be based on your HITs accepted ratio.

As of this writing there are nearly 600,000 HITs available on the site to do. So, there is plenty to do if this is your cup of tea.

I don’t know if you could make a full time living doing HITs at Amazon Mechanical Turk, but, it is certainly a way you could make some change in your spare time.

I think of all the people out there that spend hours doing things like playing solitaire, and I can see them making a few bucks doing this instead.

While researching for this Amazon Mechanical Turk review I managed to make about $3.20 in about an hour of my time, with another $2.00 pending approval from the “requester” of another HIT I have completed.

Pros and Cons of Amazon Mechanical Turk


  • It’s an Amazon product – The reliability that comes with a big online name.
  • Plenty of work to do – With nearly 600,000 HITs available you will have plenty to do.
  • Free to join – No membership fees means you get to keep what you earn.
  • Variety – A wide variety of types of HITs to do might keep you from getting bored.
  • Special Perks for Mechanical Turk Masters


  • Low pay rates per HITs – Payments for tasks as low as 1 cent can be disheartening when you need to earn more money.
  • Time Limits – Some of the HITs require that you complete them relatively quickly. If you exceed the “allotted time”, you will not be able to submit your finished HIT, and will lose the revenue for the time you have spent.
  • Pay Hold – Amazon will hold your pay for 10 days from the time you submit your first HIT.
  • Users Outside U.S. – can only receive payments on Amazon Gift Cards

Who is Amazon Mechanical Turk For?

Just about anyone who is wanting to make some extra money can do so with Amazon Mechanical Turk.  Some tasks are definitely for ADULTS ONLY!

Be careful if you are thinking of letting your children do some HITs, or if you are offended by adult material, you will want to watch out for that.

Amazon Mechanical Turk Tools and Training

No tools or training is required to use Amazon Mechanical Turk. Each HIT that you do will come with complete instructions. I do recommend that you read the instructions carefully, and follow them precisely.

Requesters can disqualify your HIT and you will NOT be paid for that one if they do.

Amazon Mechanical Turk Support

There is not a lot of support available for Amazon Mechanical Turk. There is a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page, and there is a Contact US page that will provide you with an email form where you can ask questions not covered in the FAQ.

There is also a blog where you can see the latest messages from the makers of Mechanical Turk. One other thing that I found that I really like for any online service is a Service Health Dashboard that will show you if there are any problems with the service.

My Final Opinion of Amazon Mechanical Turk

If you’ve got the time, they’ve got the HITs! If you are looking for a site where you can do a variety of tasks, fill out surveys, categorize pictures, etc., and make a little bit of money in the process, then Amazon Mechanical Turk is a good place to try!

I found one particular HIT that I did quite interesting. It was a study from the University of Florida regarding leadership and decision making.

I think I made a dollar doing that particular exercise, but at least I found it interesting, and, I didn’t feel like I was doing a market research survey that would eventually lead to a ton of telemarketing calls on my phone.

I will say that this is a totally legitimate way to make some money online. I do feel good that it comes from Amazon. I would have no worries about whether or not I would get paid.

But, I also think that you will spend a lot of time here with perhaps little to show for it. There are better ways to make money online. More about that near the bottom of the page.

Amazon Mechanical Turk Review Conclusion

Website: Http://
Owner: Amazon
Price: FREE
Overall Rank: 80 out of 100


I hope you have enjoyed the Amazon Mechanical Turk Review above.

While it is fun and at times interesting to do. I only see it as a pastime. If you have better luck or are able to generate some real revenue with it please let me know in the comments below. I would love to share with my readers how to use it and make some good money.

Spend your time on something that really works!

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Take a few minutes to read my Wealthy Affiliate Review here. You can learn about the FREE Wealthy Affiliate Membership here. If you have any questions, or need my help getting started, just let me know! I’m happy to help.

I wish you great success and prosperity!


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  1. Tom, I am a requester on Amazon’s Mechanical Turk. I provide a service to companies that are wanting to get feedback about their website or mobile app. I use to recruit workers who will visit a website and record a video of their experience.

    If you’d like to learn more about my service, go to I could see people that have created a website on Wealthy Affiliate also using the UserBob service to improve their site’s bounce and conversion rates.

    One thing anyone thinking about using Mechanical Turk should know about is that not all tasks are created equal. Many tasks won’t pay you anywhere close to a minimum wage job. While others will give you a fair wage. To help learn your way around mturk, you should get plugged into a site like or where workers discuss what tasks are worth doing.

    1. Hi John!

      Thank you for visiting and for your comment regarding the article Amazon Mechanical Turk Review.

      I really appreciate your comment coming from the perspective of a “requester” at Mechanical Turk. Your advice and suggested websites for MTurk users to use as reference is excellent! I’m sure there are many people that could use those tips.

      Regarding your site, I love it! It fits a great niche that provides value to the webmasters and seems to be a very reasonably priced service! Often webmasters become a bit disconnected from the user experience on their sites and your service will provide a great way to see exactly what that new visitor sees and how they react. Thanks for sharing your site with the group here!

      Thank you again for visiting and commenting!


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