ATryBox Review – Does It Work?

ATryBox Review

I have recently found a new site,, that might make it easy to make some extra money by doing product testing and surveys. This looks like a great opportunity! Let’s find out.

Capture 69 - ATryBox Tester Signup

Review: ATryBox
Name: ATryBox
Owners: Anastasiia Platanova (Unconfirmed)
Cost: Free – They pay you!
Rank: 35 out of 100

Overview ATryBox

ATryBox is in the business of connecting companies that are looking to do product testing and market research, with individuals that are interested in participating. They pay the participants for their participation.

The following fee structure for participation is advertised on their site.
Capture 74 fee structure atrybox

Very Little Info on ATryBox Available

Very little data is available about the company, their products, or, services. I have requested data about the company, company ownership, and mission statement via the chat / message service on the website, but have not received a reply. I will update this information as more information is available.

According to Screenshot below Capture 73 - scamadviser atrybox data

ICAAN Whois data for this website is protected via domain privacy service so I cannot independently verify the above ownership data.

Anastasiia Platonova, the domain owner, has approximately 10 domains registered in that name. None of them registered before 9/4/2015.

I was able to find other anecdotal information about Anastasiia Platonova. She may have been a gymnast for Ukraine in 2012/2013.

How to Join ATryBox

After Looking at the home page I clicked the link that says, “Get Paid for Testing Apps.” That took me to a page with the following video.

Being sufficiently intrigued at the prospect of making some extra money, I clicked the join button and completed a short form to register.

Then I selected the types of things I was interested in participating in, and what my interests are and saved my profile. This process was quick and easy!

I received an email in just a few moments welcoming me to ATryBox.

Now I wait for the offers to come in! All of this took place in just a few moments, and as of yet, I have had no offers. I will update this page as more information is available.


ATryBox Pros and Cons


  1. Seems like a great way to make some extra money.
  2. Easy to Join.
  3. Short Profile / Survey.
  4. Free to Join.
  5. No technical skills required.
  6. Flat fees for participation with no commissions.


  1. Not much information on the company available.
  2. No track record that I can find.
  3. Very new website.
  4. Unverifiable website ownership.
  5. Must be a US resident, over 18 Years old, with a US bank account.
  6. Payments are made using Venmo. An online payment service that has a few potential issues. See this from about Venmo.
  7. The website blog page still has original theme sample pages and content that should have been removed. It is concerning that the webmaster has NOT eliminated this data.

Who is ATryBox For?

ATrybox would be great for anyone that likes to try new apps or products and would like to make a little extra money in the process!

Tools and Training

There are no tools and training for ATryBox. No experience or technical skills are required to participate.


There is a chat application on the website. I did request some information there, but I had to leave a message and have not received a response in 4 hours.

ATryBox Pays

atrybox pays


My Final Opinion

My final opinion of ATryBox is as of yet undetermined. I am currently giving a ranking of 35 out of 100. This ranking is based purely on the information as you see above.

I believe that there is an opportunity for a product like this to be very beneficial. Both the persons providing the information and the companies that are looking for the input can benefit.

As a concept, this site is a great idea.

I have signed up to be a member of this service and I will be updating this review to reflect my experience as the data comes available. I am concerned about the legitimacy of this offer based on the cons list above.

If you have any personal experience with ATryBox, please leave me a comment at the bottom of this page.


ATryBox at a Glance…

Name: ATryBox
Owners: Anastasiia Platanova (Unconfirmed)
Cost: Free – They pay you!
Rank: 35 out of 100 Pending responsiveness of website/company regarding information requests, and actual use of the product.


Please bookmark this site so you check back for updates on this review!

Meanwhile, if you are looking for an online opportunity that actually works very well, be sure and check out my #1 recommendation.

Thank you for viewing this review! If I can ever be of any assistance please let me know.



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