Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership

Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership

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The benefits of the Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership are HUGE! No other platform I know of offers you so much for so little! A Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership gives you all the tools you need to create a successful online business.

This has been proven many times over by successful online entrepreneurs that got their start at Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate, or the Wealthy Affiliate University, is an online platform that you can join to learn how to create not just beautiful websites, but, an online business, based on your passion, that has the wondrous benefit of multiple income streams!

There is a FREE Starter Membership where you can get a great taste of all that Wealthy Affiliate has to offer. Anyone serious about creating their own online business should really check this out. Here are the membership plans:

Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership - Membership grid

In this article I would like to concentrate on the Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership. Let’s cut to the chase here and talk about the price. Something everyone else wants to save till the end in an effort to entice you. I would rather just let you know right up front.

Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership – Pricing Plans

By the Month – $49 or, $1.62 per day. Less than lunch money.
By the Year – $359 or, $0.98 per day. Less than a soda.

If you are already a Wealthy Affiliate member and would like to upgrade now, you can do so here. If you are not yet a member of Wealthy Affiliate be sure to look for the link at the bottom of this page to save some money on your premium membership!

Both of these payment plans offer a fantastic value! Just choose the plan that suits you best. Many people have been members of Wealthy Affiliate for many years. Personally, I have been a premium member for a year and a half at the time of writing this.

Even though Wealthy Affiliate continues to improve the platform regularly, (SiteSpeed and SiteContent two new additions) there hasn’t been a price increase since it was started in 2005. The outstanding value offered by Wealthy Affiliate just continues to get better and better!

Kyle and Carson have built a fantastic team that keeps the systems working at Wealthy Affiliate. And, they offer you better training, and better service, than you would get from other institutions costing many times more.

If you are ready to learn the techniques and strategies that actually work to create a successful online business, the premium membership is for you. There are many major benefits of wealthy affiliate premium membership, but to really put a value on them is hard to do. Any one of them might be the very thing that makes your business a success, and its hard to put a price tag on that.

#1 – Access to Kyle and Carson, Owners of Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership - Kyle and Carson

Kyle and Carson created Wealthy Affiliate in an effort to help other people find success just like they had. One of the benefits of Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership is that you have ability to contact each of them privately.

They’ve been around the block a few times when it comes to internet marketing, and have been very successful. The opportunity to have these guys as a personal mentor is a huge asset.

When starting a new business, it is wise to seek the counsel of those who have been successful in the industry. Kyle and Carson are great online entrepreneurs and I am honored to have the opportunity to learn from these guys. I sure you will feel the same way.

Kyle creates a ton of training that will get you off to a quick start with both the tools, and the techniques you need to be successful. His easy to follow video lessons will help you get your first website up in a flash! You will be amazed at what you will accomplish in a very short time.

#2 – Full Access to the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course

Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership im2

Your completion of the full Online Entrepreneur Certification Course at Wealthy Affiliate will make you an extremely valuable online business owner! The knowledge you will command will catapult your business, and, you will be sought after for your expertise!

Anyone with any kind of business need to know how to successfully market themselves and their product online. Other businesses will be more than willing to pay for your help in forwarding their own marketing goals! So you will not only be creating your own online business, you will also have the opportunity to consult for other businesses.

Whether its doing a few tweaks to their existing websites, or, creating a multi-faceted online marketing campaign, you will be the “go to guy” to get the job done!

#3 – Access to ALL Premium Training

New premium level training is being created daily and added to the platform. Courses, Tutorials, Videos and more, covering a wide variety of topics. Stay on top of the best techniques and strategies for your success!

This content is available only to Premium Members of Wealthy Affiliate. These lessons will guide you to a broader variety of ways to generate income from your sites. Put simply, Premium Training is the best!

#4 – Full Suite of SiteRubix Hosting and Site Creation Tools

Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership - SiteRubix

SiteRubix is the hosting platform at Wealthy Affiliate. This is where you will want to take care of a lot of the tasks necessary to manage your website or websites.

The Full Suite of SiteRubix Hosting and Site Creation Tools consists of 7 different advanced tools that make managing and creating your websites easy! Having them all in one place makes it very convenient!

3 of these tools are only available as a benefit of Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership!

They are:

  • SiteComments
  • SiteFeedback
  • SiteSupport

With SiteComments you can receive thoughtful, engaging, comments on your website posts and pages. This engagement by visitors on your website leads to higher rankings in Google and other search engines. SiteComments is a proprietary system that helps premium members surge in there website trust and engagement criteria. Another unbelievable benefit of Wealthy Affiliate premium membership!

SiteFeedback is another extremely useful tool! Using SiteFeedback you will receive valuable information from experienced website creators that can help you through any tough spots you might be having. You can request feedback on your design, features, or content. While you are busy creating great content, its great to get feedback on your progress. This can help you turn a flat, blah, website into a beautiful, vibrant, engaging experience for your visitors.

SiteSupport is your 24/7/365 direct access to professional technical support for all your hosting needs! With an average response time of less than 5 minutes, you will have quick, professional solutions to any website or hosting issue you may have. I have to tell you that I have contacted these guys a couple of times and there service and support is outstanding. They really are the unsung heroes at Wealthy Affiliate, and you have full support as a benefit of Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership.

The hosting and website services provided by Wealthy Affiliate and SiteRubix are second to none! They really understand that your website is your business! Their managed hosting, cutting edge technology, experience, and knowledge, will provide you with the site performance you need to have a hugely successful websites!

#5 – Unlimited Searches with the Wealthy Affiliate Keyword Tool

Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership - Keyword Tool

Writing keyword rich content for your niche website is extremely important. You really need a great tool to help you find those keyword phrases that are likely to give you the best results!

Your Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership gives you unlimited searches on one of the best keyword tools available anywhere on the internet today! This wonderful tool gets it’s results from all the major search engines! Google, Bing, Yahoo, are all queried for the term you are searching for.

You will also know information about the competition for that keyword! This is a very valuable tool when you are considering your marketing efforts of your keyword specific content.

Not only do you have unlimited searches, but you can also save your keyword lists for later reference. The similar phrases that are listed with your search and the associated data, let you pick and choose the phrase that is best for you!

The result is the ability to refine your marketing efforts to get the specific results you are looking for. Another excellent tool that I use almost every day!

#6 – Live Weekly Video Training Sessions with chat!

Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership - Jay's Live Training
Screenshot – Example of a recent live video training class.

Jay, also known as magistudios presents a weekly topic for live video training every week! You can’t go wrong when you have a guy like Jay teaching a class. Jay is a very successful online entrepreneur that has been with Wealthy Affiliate for many years.

Jay is a professional and he makes it easy to learn as he walks you click by click through the procedures, tools, and tricks you need to build on your success. I have to say that every time I get a chance to join the live class, I do. I really like Jay’s style and his comprehensive, detailed information.

Every time I watch I learn something, usually many things. You can always watch a replay of the lessons, but being there live and having the ability to chat with Jay and other members can really help clear up any questions you might have about the lesson.

This is the kind of thing you would pay a huge additional fee for at other services. I’ve seen some that only offer this kind of live interaction when you are paying thousands of dollars per month. Just another benefit of Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership!

#7 – Access and Ability to Network with Experts

Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership - Experts

Your Wealthy Affiliate Premium membership gives you the ability to communicate, and network with a ton of successful business people. Many are very, very, successful in the world of online business. Experts in their chosen fields, these business owners still take time out of there day to offer help and support to folks just like you and me.

In many cases you couldn’t buy this kind of opportunity. A conversation might change your way of thinking! Perhaps putting you on the short path to success. Creating lasting relationships with these folks can change your future! For the better!

Because Wealthy Affiliate was founded and is operated on the principles of helping other people find success, a strong community has been created. A community of people from all over the world that share an interest in owning and operating a successful online business.

It’s pretty amazing how people at Wealthy Affiliate give freely of their time and knowledge just to help one another. Anytime, day, or night, you can find people asking or answering questions in the live online chat.

#8 – Full Access to the Wealthy Affiliate Community

Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership -TW1s Network

I’ve made some reference to the community at Wealthy Affiliate above, but this category deserves a few lines of its own. I have been involved with the internet since it became available to the public, and, with computers even before that. My age is showing here, I know. Well it’s true. My point is that I have never been a part of a community like this before.

From the moment you join with either of the membership plans, people will be welcoming you to Wealthy Affiliate. Wishing you success, and offering their help. Most new members are quite surprised at just how willing to help everyone is, and I have to say it is an interesting phenomenon.

Along with amazing success testimonials like; $50,000 earned in someones first month, or, a case study in the creation of online success, thousands of tidbits of wisdom are shared openly in the community every month. You never know when you are going to find a sweet little nugget of wisdom that can solve an issue, or create a new income stream.

Great conversations, fresh content, and never ending help and support, coupled with inspiring, motivating, educating, and entertaining posts, makes the community at Wealthy Affiliate the place to be.

Your Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership will give you the chance to communicate via private message with other premium members here. This is a great way to help each other out, or collaborate on a project.

Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership – What are you waiting for?

You can’t make a better investment in your online business than the Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership!

Get the tools, training, hosting, help, and support you need to take your online business to the next level! Click the link below to get 60% off your first month membership! Thats right! You can launch your new business or expand your existing business now for less than the cost of dinner for two!  Only $19.

Get Your Special Price Here

Wealthy Affiliate is NOT a get rich quick type program. It is not one of those “done for you” website replication schemes. You won’t have to attend any MLM style rah rah sessions, report to an upline, or recruit a downline.

Instead, Wealthy Affiliate is a platform that provides an industry leading education in the creation and success of online business. It is a proven system that will give you the knowledge and ability to market yourself, your products, and your business, in the online world.

Like anything worth having, it requires work and dedication. Nothing is stopping you from attaining your goals but having the knowledge you need to succeed! Now you know where to find that knowledge!

Learning something new can be a bit scary. But, don’t worry, when you get inside I’ll be there to help you along the way!

Join the thousands of people with a Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership on the road to success today! You won’t regret it!

I’m looking forward to your success!






SiteSpeed and SiteContent New Features at Wealthy Affiliate!

SiteSpeed and SiteContent New Features at Wealthy Affiliate!

SiteSpeed and SiteContent Img1

SiteSpeed and SiteContent New Features at Wealthy Affiliate!

There are a couple of new features at Wealthy Affiliate that add great value to this already very popular platform! SiteSpeed and SiteContent. Let’s take a look at these two great new features and see how you can get the most out of them.


In May of this year, Carson, Co-Owner of Wealthy Affiliate, announced the beta testing of a new hosting feature that may deliver “the fastest WordPress websites in the world.”

This feature is called SiteSpeed. It’s a new hardware solution that will improve both website performance and the performance of the WordPress server environment. This will allow sites hosted at SiteRubix the ability and confidence to turn off things like caching plugins and others related to website speed!

The engineers at Wealthy Affiliate have designed and implemented some “Very Smart” technology that provides dramatically quicker website load times which will also provide the potential for much better site rankings with Google.

SiteSpeed works by serving a cached copy of any page on your website at blazing speeds! This is far better than plugins and services of this nature offered by others, because SiteSpeed stays current with your latest changes to your website automatically!

Testing this system myself, I have found some great improvement in the speed of my websites when tested on Google PageSpeed Insights.

If you are concerned about the speed of your website, the quality of the visitor experience, and, your overall Google ranking, I strongly suggest you check out this post by Carson that will give you more details about SiteSpeed at Wealthy Affiliate.


SiteSpeed and SiteContent 2

SiteContent – “The Ultimate writing platform for content marketers, authors, and webmasters.” Put simply, SiteContent is a content creation and management system that is unique and available only to Wealthy Affiliate members or SiteRubix hosting customers.

This great new system will help you create, and, organize your content, as well as enable you to set and track your writing and publishing goals! Personally, I’m finding this very useful! I only started using this great new system a week or so ago, but I am very happy to have these new tools to help me stay organized and motivated.

Here are just some of the great features of SiteContent:

  • Spelling Checker
  • Grammar Checker
  • Punctuation Checker
  • Duplicate Content Checker
  • Writing Template Creation
  • Set and Track Word Count Goals
  • Set and Track Publishing Goals
  • Publish Directly to your Website

These new features are easy to use, and really are a great help in the process of content creation and management!

Kyle, Co-Owner of Wealthy Affiliate, has a really good video lesson on SiteContent. In it, he will give you a complete walk through of all the great features and how to use them. Check out Kyle’s lesson here.

SiteContent is still being developed and we can look forward to some great improvements on this feature in the near future! Meanwhile, I will definitely be using it to keep track of my writing and publishing goals!

SiteSpeed and SiteContent – The latest additions to a great platform!

SiteSpeed and SiteContent 3

Wealthy Affiliate continues to be the best place to learn to create a successful online business! Kyle and Carson work tirelessly to offer the best platform for learning the tools and tricks of the trade. Updates to the platform and the training materials are an ongoing effort. This results in every student receiving the best education possible in the creation of WordPress websites.

Students at Wealthy Affiliate have the awesome opportunity to learn from experienced professionals.  All of them operate their own successful online businesses. No two of these businesses are the same, so the students are offered a broad perspective and real life experiences.

It doesn’t matter what type of online business you would like to create. The foundations of your internet presence will be very similar. Knowing how to utilize the tools of the online world, coupled with learning from those that have been truly successful, will accelerate your success, reduce the learning curve, and, prevent you from falling into many of the pitfalls that others may encounter.

If you are already working in your own online business, or, if you have been considering starting one, I want to encourage you to give Wealthy Affiliate a try! You have nothing to lose!

You can start for FREE! Wealthy Affiliate offers a great, FREE, starter membership, so you can really find out what it is all about. You don’t even need to get your credit card out to try it!

No Place like Wealthy Affiliate!

There is no other place like Wealthy Affiliate! Seriously! Who else offers you a chance to check out the whole thing for free? Other systems / guru sites, want you to pay before you can even have a look. These places just want my money, and they are not confident that they really have something of value to offer.

Get your FREE Wealthy Affiliate Starter Membership Here!

Learn more about Wealthy Affiliate here.

I wish you great success and prosperity!



ICANGet2 Silent Salesman Mobile Marketing App

Looking for a mobile app that you can use to promote your business, communicate with your customers, or team members? How about a mobile app business opportunity? What if you get both at the same time? Learn how you can do exactly that as we take a look at ICANGet2 Silent Salesman.

icanget2 silent salesman T1

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4 Easy Steps to Making Money Online

4 Easy Steps to Making Money Online

4 easy steps to make money online wa1

4 Easy Steps to Making Money Online

This is an easy, replicable, system you use to start make money online.

  1. Choose an Interest
  2. Build a Website
  3. Attract Visitors
  4. Generate Revenue

It really is just that simple! Of course there are details in each of these 4 steps, and, that’s where Wealthy Affiliate comes in!

4 Easy Steps to Making Money Online – Choose an Interest

Whatever you might be interested in, there are surely millions of other people around the world with similar interests! You can create a successful online business based on just about anything! If you are passionate about something, share that! Others will be inspired by your passion!

 4 Easy Steps to Making Money Online – Build a Website

4 Easy Steps to Making Money Online website1

Once you have determined your interest, you will want to build a website! Building a beautiful website has never been easier!

You can choose from thousands of beautiful themes, or templates, that will make your new website look just the way you want it to.

From simple to fancy, these themes make your website easy to create and have a consistent appearance throughout.

There are also thousands of “plugins” that you can add to your site to give it all the functions you need!

Plugins are like little applications that run on your site and provide functions like help with SEO. That’s Search Engine Optimization, something you will definitely want to learn more about, and it is all covered at Wealthy Affiliate!

 4 Easy Steps to Making Money Online – Attract Visitors

4 Easy Steps to Making Money Online open24

Once you have your beautiful website started, you will want to attract visitors to your site. You will learn great methods of attracting visitors and customers!

Just like putting the “We’re Open” sign on the front door of your business, there are a lot of things you can do to attract people’s attention.

You will learn about social media, paid and free advertising, and lots more!

 4 Easy Steps to Making Money Online – Generate Revenue

4 Easy Steps to Making Money Online makingmoney1

This is the big motivator for most of us! Generating Revenue! And, there are lots of ways to generate revenue with your new website.

Think of all the websites you visit. Almost all of them are generating revenue for their owners.

Some do it by selling products, some by selling advertising. And, some by referrals and other methods.

You will learn the methods that really work! You just need the training! Before you know it, you will be generating revenue with your own site!

Get the knowledge and skills for your success!
4 easy steps to make money online invite1
You have the ambition! Get the knowledge and the skills! Then Success! Click Here!

4 Easy Steps to Making Money Online – What can you earn?

Your earning potential here is truly unlimited! Your results will be determined by your effort and your ability to attract visitors to your site(s).

Many of the most successful folks at Wealthy Affiliate are earning in excess of $10,000 per month! Of course these results are not typical, but, the potential is there! And, you can do it too!

The skills you will learn at Wealthy Affiliate will provide you with the foundation you need to create your own successful online business!

Multiple Streams of Income

In reality, even just one website can have multiple methods of generating revenue. Create more sites, create more income streams!

A website, is always working! It works when you are sleeping, and, when you are on vacation.

While you are out watching a movie at the cinema, your website is busy generating revenue.

Just do the four steps and repeat! Joila, multiple streams of income!

You don’t need any experience!

You don’t need any experience for this to work. Just follow the video lessons and implement what you learn!

You will have a step by step guide to getting your first website online, and you will do it in hardly no time at all!

Get All the Help You Need! Start For FREE!
4 easy steps to making money online WA33
Start your successful online business today! Get all the help you need! Start for FREE!

One of the greatest things about Wealthy Affiliate is your ability to give it a good test drive! I don’t think there is another site like it online. Certainly not one that will give you a free membership.

You have nothing to lose! Click the image above and give Wealthy Affiliate a try. I think you will be surprised at how easy it is to get started, and, how sweet it is to have a community of entrepreneurs helping you!

4 easy steps to making money online WAban34
Get your FREE membership here and start your successful online business today!

Want to learn more?

My Wealthy Affiliate Review


Make Extra Money Online

Hello!  Give me just a few minutes and I will show you how you can make extra money online! This really works! And, you could be making some great money!

Make Extra Money Online – Wealthy Affiliate
make extra money online 111
Get Started Today for Free!

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How to Start an Online Business FREE

On the page below I’m going to show you How to Start an Online Business FREE!

This is a tried and proven method. It is not a get rich quick scheme! Put simply, it is an education that will teach you proven methods of turning whatever your passion is, into a successful online business.

Everyone needs a little help now and then, and the founders of Wealthy Affiliate have designed a method to provide the education aspiring entrepreneurs need to be successful online. Could you use a hand up?

How to Start an Online Business FREE! - wa1
Learn how to turn your passion into a successful online business! Start your FREE account! Click the image above!

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