Morning With Wealthy Affiliate

Hello everyone! I just want to give you a idea of what a morning with Wealthy Affiliate is like.

Beautiful Morning With Wealthy Affiliate

My Beautiful Morning With Wealthy Affiliate

My eyes were opened when I felt the touch of the most wonderful woman ever in my life. She has been up for a little while already and made some coffee. She came back to the bedroom to gently wake me up with a caress and a kiss. I am so lucky to be able to start my day with her today, and everyday.

She starts my day with a loving smile and a warm heart. Her kiss and loving caress eases me into consciousness. The smell of coffee helps my feet find the floor and I make my way to the coffee pot.

Starting with some great coffee

With my cup of coffee in hand, I make my way outside to the deck so that I can breathe in the beautiful morning on the lake.  You can see in the picture above that the sky is clear and the morning sun, like my lady’s touch, is caressing my world to wake up!

Soon I am awake and ready to start my workday. It is a beautiful morning with Wealthy Affiliate! I prepare myself for the commute. Not nearly as treacherous as the commutes used to be, now I only have to make my way to my home office, or grab the laptop and start working from the deck.

No more checking the clock to see if I’m on time, no more wondering if I should stop for fuel on the way to work or the way home. No more screaming at the idiots on the road that are more involved with their phones than the task of driving.

Now I just have to decide, sit on the deck this beautiful spring morning, or take my place at my comfortable home office desk. Today, I chose the desk to start with, I did have to make a stop by the coffee pot for a fresh cup though.


I log in to my computer and bring up Wealthy Affiliate in a browser. I see that I have 11 new messages from people that have visited my profile page! They all have come to visit my page to welcome me to Wealthy Affiliate and wish me well in my online endeavors.

I don’t know these people, but we have come together because of Wealthy Affiliate. We are all engaged in creating successful online businesses. Many of these great folks have taken the time to read my profile and have expressed their comments regarding what I have said there.

Some have taken a moment to look at my website and given some words of encouragement regarding that. What a great way to start the day! Genuine words of encouragement from people I don’t even know. How many of you with regular jobs can say the same?

Desmond Welcomes me to Wealthy Affiliate

One particular fellow, Desmond writes as follows:

Capture 76 Tw1 Profile desmond beautiful morning with wealthy affiliate

Note the blue link in his message. “We are here to help!”
You can read it by clicking the link here,   ^ or the image below.

Capture 77We are here to help beautiful morning with wealthy affiliate

Desmond is a Rotarian. He has a firm belief in helping others, and the organization of Rotary International is committed to helping others in a wide variety of ways.


I too like to help others, and it is one of the reasons that I have created this website! You can learn more about my sentiments in this regard by reading the “about me” page here.

I take a few minutes to respond to these wonderful people that have offered their encouraging words to start my day. I look at their profiles and see that they are a very diverse group.

Many from other countries. Some have had a professional career and are now looking for more out of life. Some are stay at home moms’ that are turning what little spare time they have into an online income.

Some of them are new to Wealthy Affiliate, some have been a member for many years.

I send them each a short note to wish them well in their endeavors and thank them for sending the message.


Next, I like to look at the recently posted success stories. When you have tens of thousands of members, someone is always writing about their successes. Some may be a monetary success like this one from Rob.

Capture 78 74 in My Sleep

Rob first became associate with Wealthy Affiliate in 2009. He didn’t stick with it however and left for four years. Now he is back and achieving some success! You go Rob!  You can learn more about Rob’s Journey with Wealthy Affiliate here.


One more post I would like to share with you today is from Lynne. She is very excited about some website traffic she is generating. She has a very interesting story of how she is changing her business model and achieving some great success! Here is a screenshot of her post. You can click the screenshot to see the entire post!

Capture 79  This Mommy Blogger Kicks A Beautiful Morning With Wealthy Affiliate


My beautiful morning with Wealthy Affiliate started with these and many other success stories. I had a chance to meet and add a few more great people to my network of associates, and I will enjoy seeing their posts, blogs, and websites. I’m sure I will learn a few things along the way that I can use to expand my own online business goals.

You too could be enjoying the morning with Wealthy Affiliate! Just think about it! No commute, no boss breathing down your neck, a lot less stress!

If you are not ready to give up your day job, that’s fine too! You can start for FREE in your spare time!

Learn more about all the great benefits of becoming a Wealthy Affiliate member here!

Or, you can just join now here.

Morning with Wealthy Affiliate join




4 thoughts on “Morning With Wealthy Affiliate”

  1. Hi Tom,
    I like the way you write about your Wealthy Affiliate journey. Your writing style is great and I guess you’ll never get a writing block if you just write what’s happening from day to day in the community. Keep doing the good work! See you on the inside:-)

    1. Greetings Dirk! Wealthy Affiliate has given me the opportunity to have a lifestyle that I find very enjoyable. I believe anyone can have the life that makes them happy if you are willing to work for it a little bit! Some people might get there by winning the lottery, most will have to work hard to make a living. There are ways to make a living doing what you like! And Wealthy Affiliate can put just about anyone on that path. I like to occasionally post about my own example, and Morning with Wealthy Affiliate is indeed how I started my day!
      Let me know if I can ever be of any assistance in your journey!

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