Click for Billions Scam?

Is Click for Billions a SCAM?  In this article I am going to provide you with all the information you need to make a decision on this before trying Click For Billions.

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Disclaimer – I am not now, nor have I been, a member or customer of Click For Billions, or, Real Estate Mogul.  This review is based on my research from publicly available sources. You could find this information yourself from various sources, I have just saved you the trouble of looking for it.

Review: Click for Billions

Website: /
Name: Click For Billions / Real Estate Mogul
Owners: Preston Ely, Real Freedom, Inc
Cost: $0 to $197 (Real Estate Mogul membership prices)
Rank:  Click for Billions 60 out of 100 / Real Estate Mogul (to be determined)

Click for Billions Scam - wa_learn

Overview  – Click For Billions

While doing some research on another product on my phone, I happened to come across an advertisement on Twitter indicating you could make a ton of money on your phone!

Sounds great!  I have a phone, and I could always use tons of money! So I clicked the ad and was immediately whisked away to watch a video at

Screenshot – Clickforbillions.comCapture 99 Click For Billions screenshot homepage

The narrator of this video introduces himself as “Preston Ely of and” Then he says “I wanna show you how I have done $119,ooo in the last 90 days.”

Screenshot from video:

Capture 101 Click For Billions 90 days

The video then shows some shots of young guys jumping in a pool at a fancy house, and the backsides of some young women in bikinis.

Preston says ” You’ve come from Instagram or Twitter. Perfect! You Qualify for our $100 bonus!”

I am really getting excited now!  I already have a $100 BONUS! And all I had to do was show up!

Honestly, I am beginning to wonder if I can just get my $100 now and go. But, I’m trying to stay with the program here. The $100 is far short of the billions, or the $119K that I have already been baited with.

Much less the quickey glimpse of the “lavish” lifestyle.

Nope, can’t get the $100 bucks just yet. Preston says after I watch the video and sign up for their list to get my free guide I’ll learn how to get my $100 bonus.

Then Preston says, “The first thing I need you to do is click on Gimme My Easy Weekly Paychecks, right now.”

Capture 102 Click For Billions the click here

Well I have come this far, I want my $100 bonus and I could still use that huge pile of money you were talking about earlier. It’s feeling kinda scammy though, don’t you think?

Ok, because I try to be really good to my readers, I’m gonna click this link and see.


Capture 103 HomeBased Real Estate afterclickhere

After a string of click heres and emails eventually I was sent to

What is Real Estate Mogul

Real Estate Mogul is an online training center, social and professional network, and toolbox for anyone that is interested in learning to buy and sell real estate.

This is one of Preston Ely’s businesses. He is into a lot of different things, and you have probably come across his name before, or you will if you keep looking.

Some of his latest projects are:

  • Gold Rush Training Course
  • Real Estate Mogul
  • Wake Up Wealthy
  • REO Rockstar

The root company behind all his projects appears to be Real Freedom, Inc. The Better Business Bureau gives Real Freedom, Inc an A+ Rating.

Capture 105 Real Freedom Inc Business Review

Founded in 2005, Real Freedom, Inc. has appeared on Inc.’s top 5000 list in 2012 and 2013. Inc. indicates that Real Freedom, Inc. “Offers numerous online courses on wealth building strategies, mainly real estate flipping.”

This review is NOT about Real Estate Mogul or It is about Click for Billions, and

A full review of Real Estate Mogul is in the works, and will be available in the coming weeks.

Pros and Cons of Click For Billions


  • Eventually you get connected to Real Estate Mogul (probably a good thing)
  • The marketing method may get your attention (It did get mine)


  • As you can see in my overview above, the slick marketing approach immediately had me on my guard. Having seen these types of marketing efforts many times turn out to be a scam, I was ready to close the browser.
  • Bait and Switch type sales techniques are a big turn off for me.
  • I still have not seen the program that tells me how to make great money from my phone as was promised by the original ad. Instead, I have been lured to a real estate investment course with a pretty hefty membership price tag.

Who is Click For Billions For?

It is targeted at someone who wants to make money with their phone based on the initial advertising. Using the phone is just the beginning. It really should be targeted at someone who is interested in investing in real estate.


Click For Billions Price

20160404 click for billions sh

I was sent to this order form when I clicked the link in the confirmation email. What they really want me to do is put a check in the small box on the left that is circled in red. That would indicate that I am agreeing to a “trial” 30 day membership.

If I don’t want to continue the trial membership I should email support within the trial period and I won’t be charged. Otherwise, I will be billed $97 per month for membership.

Because I submitted the form without checking that box, I got the popup that you see in the top right of that image. This is STRONGLY suggesting that I accept the 30 day trial membership.

When I went to close the window without ordering, I got this:

click for billions HOLD ON

As if throwing in one more thing is going to convince me at this point. I don’t know about you, but, I find this type of hard sell technique very annoying.

I wonder if it really works?  If you have any data on this I would really love to see it. Are there people that would say, “Oh, ok, now you have convinced me!”?

To me it stinks. It smells of desperation to try one last thing to get some money out of my pocket. I feel a really good product doesn’t require so much effort to try to sell it.

My Final Opinion of Click For Billions

My final opinion of Click For Billions is that it is a flashy advertising campaign that, if you can stand the tactics, eventually gets you to an opportunity to join Real Estate Mogul. If you are interested in learning to invest in real estate this could be a good thing.

I have to rate it as 60 out of 100 mostly because I disagree with the sales tactics. Remember this started with an ad on twitter that suggested I could make a 6 figure income in just a few weeks using my phone.

It gave no suggestion that it was actually an online real estate investment shcool that includes training, professional and social networks, and tools to use for investing in real estate.

Click For Billions at a Glance…

Website: /
Name: Click For Billions / Real Estate Mogul
Owners: Preston Ely, Real Freedom, Inc
Cost: $0 to $197 (Real Estate Mogul membership prices)
Rank:  Click for Billions 60 out of 100 / Real Estate Mogul (to be determined)


Here’s a legitimate opportunity for you!

Click For Billions Scam - A Better Alternative!

You have probably found this review because you are looking to find a way to create a successful online business. There are many ways to accomplish this task, but weeding through all the garbage out there is time consuming.

Finding the right opportunity can also be very expensive. Almost every opportunity I found wanted some kind of immediate payment. When I had paid and received the product, I found that what I received wasn’t really what I thought it was.

I wasted a ton of time and money trying to find something that was real. Not just another scam, or scheme.

A lot of times people who are looking for an online opportunity are not in a position to be throwing money away. At least that is the way it was for me.

I have found one place in particular that really will provide you with the tools you need to make it happen! And you can try it all FOR FREE!

This is not a joke, scam, or scheme. I am simply going to show you where you can go to learn to create a successful online business that you can be proud of!

click for billions 5
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If you would like to see my review of Wealthy Affiliate click this link or you can find it in the menu at the top of this page.

I really would love to have the opportunity to help you find your own success! If you would like my personal assistance, please tell me in the comments below. Leave a good email address and I will get back to you!



4 thoughts on “Click for Billions Scam?”

  1. Hi Tom
    Thanks for this awesome review.

    I like your recommendation of Wealthy Affiliate.I have heard a lot of good stuff about these guys and their training, support and tools are top notch.

    Will be checking out your review on this.

    1. Hi Roopesh!

      I’m glad you enjoyed the review of Click for Billions. Wealthy affiliate is a great way to learn the foundations of running a successful online business. I’m sure you wouldn’t be disappointed.
      Let me know if I can ever be of assistance.


    1. Hello Billy,

      Thank you for visiting and for your comments regarding Click for Billions Scam.

      Billy, I want to you to know that I know how you feel. It can be very difficult to try and weed out the scams when you are looking for a legitimate opportunity online. I have spent tons of money and years of time searching for something that is truly legitimate. This is why I review the various products that you might encounter while you are looking for a real opportunity.

      In the case of click for billions the biggest flaw in this program to me is that it is NOT sold as what it really is. Click for Billions is link to a real estate investing program. I did rank this opportunity pretty high because there are quite a few people that are using what they learn at real estate mogul to make a lot of money.

      I still think that “click for billions” should practice more truth in advertising and clearly indicate that they are a real estate investment training platform.

      Regarding my #1 recommended product for online opportunity seekers – Wealthy Affiliate, You dont have to take my word for it on this one! They offer a completely free membership that you can try for yourself and see if it’s a good fit for you.

      That’s what I did. I’m not selling it. I’m not asking for any money, You don’t even need a credit card to try it out.

      I’m just trying to help you if you looking for an opportunity to learn how to have a successful online business.

      It is NOT a get rich quick scheme. Wealthy Affiliate is a place where you, like thousands of others before you, can learn to create a successful online business in any field of interest you might have.

      Just try it out for yourself. When you have tried it, if you believe I have not been 100% truthful, then come back here and let me know, or contact me directly.

      I am offering you my personal assistance if you need any help along the way. Just let me know.


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