Home Jobs Now, Scam?

Let’s take a good look at Home Jobs Now / Replace Your Job .

People all over the world are looking to make some extra money from home. And when you start searching online for an opportunity, you might type something like, “Make Money at Home” into Google and start reading. I did this today, and this is what I found.

Home Jobs Now Google return

Review: Home Jobs Now / Replace Your Job

I want to mention the reason for the split name above. I have found nearly identical websites with the same information, only the name of the product, and the domain name were different. These are two examples, but, this product is being marketed under many names. It appears to be a rehash of some older, extremely similar products.

Website: home-jobs-now.com / replace-your-job.com
Name: Kelly Simmons – Home Jobs Now Course / Replace your Job Course
Owners: Kelly Simmons – Probably a fictitious name.
Cost: $97
Rank: 00 out of 100

Overview: Home Jobs Now Course / Replace Your Job Course

The first ad in the search above looks very enticing for sure! A lot of people will be enticed to click on that ad. The ad indicates “legitimate” work at home jobs. Thus begins what I believe is a line of deceptive advertising specifically designed to separate you from your money.

What they are trying to sell you, is a method that you can use to have an online income, or work from home. They are promising you nearly $400 dollars a day. And as you get a little further down the prescribed click path, they will tell you that you can do that in an hour. Really?

In page below, that is meant to look like a news article, they attempt to reel you in with a heartwarming story about how an everyday mom was able to make $8000 per month in her spare time!

I’m going to look carefully at this ad and point out a few issues I have found.

ScreenshotHome Jobs Now 1st click

There is a lot to look at here! Something you might miss, right at the top, is the word “advertisement.” This “ad” is supposed to look like a news article.

In the top right corner a TV news article begins talking about work at home opportunities. This video has NO relevance to the particular product that you are going to be reading about. Interestingly, the guest the TV channel is interviewing says that you should “do your research. ” I definitely agree with that!

If you look in your browser address bar the URL looks like it might be from a daily new organization. It reads  “sf-daily.com/….. . I tried going to the root domain of sf-daily.com and I got nothing. No error, just nothing. A blank page. I’m looking to see if there is more information available about the provider of this ad we are looking at.

Researching the domain of sf-daily.com using the Icaan Whois lookup, I got the following:

Screenshotsf-daily whois

As you can see the domain is registered in private mode through Domains By Proxy. This is a service that keeps the domain’s registrants information private. While this is a good tool to keep the domain owner from receiving unwanted solicitations and spam emails. Most legitimate websites do NOT use a privacy protection registration.

I would like to point out a few more things that are worrisome about the advertisement above that is meant to look like a news article.

All the items on the menu bar link to the same webpage. No legitimate website that I know of would ever produce a menu bar like that.Home Jobs Now ad menu

I can’t find a single reference to this website, or the associated product on these well known media sites that they post on the ad.
FireShot Capture 59 - Smarter Finance Daily_ - http___sf-daily.com_work1gu_index.php

I can’t find a journalist or a media site with this name.Capture 60 - Home Jobs Now Scam

Note the date above, this ad was supposedly written on Monday, March 7, 2016. But the date on the check below was 9/20/2012. The blue line of text below the check says “a check Kim Swartz recently received“. Interestingly, the company issuing the check is blurred out.Capture 61 Home jobs now scam

Remember, we got to this advertisement because we clicked on the first listing in a Google search return for “make money at home.”

You would think that someone that is willing to pay the pay per click fees for being listed at the top of the page would be more concerned about the quality of the advertisement they are running.

This really makes me wonder about the quality of the product. If they don’t care about the ad, they probably don’t care about the product.

Clicking any of the links on the advertisement page will take you the page you see below. You are required to put your information in the form to get any further.

Home Jobs Now Scam catch page

Anytime there is a “limited availability” or “only 3 positions left” kind of thing, it is most likely a SCAM. On the initial advertisement there was a “offer expires” date that in this case was the next day. And, now here you are once again told about the “limited number of spots open”.

Once you have put your personal information into the page above, you will get a new webpage. What I would call the sales page.

The page starts out congratulating you, using your first name, and telling you that there are only 9 positions left. This is a very lengthy page. By the time you get to the bottom. There is a thing that looks like it is continuously updating, and this thing tells you that there are only 3 positions left!

OH BOY! I BETTER HURRY! Or at least that is the hope of these folks. They hope that by the time you get to the end of this long page you are so hyped up you will break out your credit card and spend the $97.00.

I’m not going to do that, and I highly recommend you don’t either.

There is a possibility that you will receive some information for your $97.00. In my experience I believe that the information you will receive, once you have made it through all the upsells that they are likely to hit you with, will be how to replicate the very advertisements that you have fallen prey to.

This is kinda like the modern day version of “make 2 dollars for every envelope you stuff” . If you don’t know about that one, leave me a comment here and I will tell you about it.

Honestly, there are so many red flags on this kind of thing that I wonder how they manage to make money with this scheme. You would think that people would be able to see the deceptive practices.

Home Jobs Now / Replace Your Job – Pros and Cons

Pros – None that I can see. Any information you might get by paying the fee is already available on the internet for free. (See my note at the bottom of the page)


  1. Deceptive advertising right from the start.
  2. No reliable information on the company.
  3. No reliable information on the people in the company – fake names, etc
  4. No reliable information on the product.
  5. I can’t find even one positive review that is believable about this organization.
  6. Evidence that the site is replicated many times with very minor changes
  7. Enormous number of NEGATIVE reviews about all the variations of the site I have found.
  8. Phone Number in their Terms Of Service document is registered to yet another company name – Sellers Clubhouse / Online Learning Solutions.
  9. BBB Review for Sellers Clubhouse / Online Learning Solutions
    BBB Review Sellers Clubhouse
  10. Seller’s Clubhouse and Online Learning Solutions are companies that were registered with the Utah Division of Corporations but the registrations of both have expired. The most recent registration expired in 2009.

Who is Home Jobs Now / Replace Your Job For?

This product is intended to attract anyone who is looking for a work at home, online money making opportunity. It will appeal to those who may be desperate for additional income, and unfamiliar with the deceptive marketing tactics these people use.

Home Jobs Now / Replace Your Job – Tools and Training

I can find no evidence of a legitimate training program or any tools that would go beyond what might be necessary to replicate the website and post links to try to promote it.

Home Jobs Now / Replace Your Job – Support

I was able to find an email address for support, and a telephone number for customer service. I do not know if they will be effective.

I did not find any evidence of a live support system or any support from the company owners.

Home Jobs Now / Replace Your Job –  Price

Initial price is $97 dollars. I am sure there will be many upsells as this would be typical for this type of organization. Once they have you on the line they will want to get as much as they can out of you.

My Final Opinion of Home Jobs Now / Replace Your Job 

It is clear to me that this program, website, company is a SCAM, and should be avoided. Do NOT waste your hard earned dollars on anything these people are trying to sell you.

Home Jobs Now / Replace Your Job –  at a Glance…

Name: Home Jobs Now / Replace Your Job ….  and a long list of others
Website: Home-Jobs-Now.com / Replace-Your-Job.com
Owners: Kelly Simmons(fake name), Seller’s Clubhouse / Online Learning Solutions
Price: $97 plus likely upsells   road-sign-464653_640
Overall Rank: 00 out of 100


You have probably found this review because you are looking for a legitimate way to make money online, or, work from home. I know how it feels to be in a situation where you need this kind of opportunity.

I am truly disgusted to think that there are many people that will fall for schemes like the one I have reviewed above. I have to admit that I fell for some of these kinds of things over the years. What a disappointment.

You can learn more about me here. About Me.

You can have a career from home and make money online, but it is NOT likely to happen from schemes like the one reviewed above.

I have created this website because I have been down this road many times. It took me a long time to find a way to create a successful online business, and I would like to help you!

See my number one recommendation here!

If you think I can be of any help to you please let me know! I’m happy to help if I can.



6 thoughts on “Home Jobs Now, Scam?”

  1. Hey Tom,
    I have seen this exact scam pop up under different names/websites several times over past three or so years. I guess if they keep changing things up they will keep authorities from catching them. What’s amazing is how they use those news sources as a way to legitimatize themselves. I wonder if those news sources are taking any kind of legal action against them, although as I said if they are constantly changing things around it could be difficult to find them.
    Best Regards,

    1. Hi Jim!

      Thanks for coming by the website.

      I can tell you that I have found them under at least 5 different names and websites. I find it amazing how much trouble someone will go through to create a scam. With all that effort they could easily create a quality product that would actually do some good, and have a reputable business.

      Even the BBB cannot locate this business according the to BBB website.

      I appreciate your time and your comments. If I can ever be of service please let me know.



  2. YES – DO NOT GET CAUGHT UP IN THIS ONE – It has been out there in a lot of various forms but all with a similar selling style. If you sign in you are sucked in and they only want your money. Someday maybe authorities will shut them down all together. Great review. Thanks for sharing this.

    1. Hi Nancy! Thank you for visiting ILoveWealthyAffiliate.com and commenting on Home Jobs Now, Scam?
      Your comment seem to indicate that you have tried this one. It is really a shame that there are so many things to watch out for. People just trying to make some extra money from home have to dodge the scams to find a way that works.

      I appreciate your comments and if I can ever be of any help to you please let me know.

  3. Hi, I just recently accidentally discovered your blog, and I really like it. It seems that you really want to help people, and I appreciate it!

    I haven’t seen such a helpful review in a very long time! I really appreciate the amount of effort you put in your articles. Keep up the good work!

    1. Hi Julius!

      Thank you for visiting ILoveWealthyAffiliate.com and for your comment regarding Home Jobs Now, Scam?

      I am all about helping people avoid some of the pitfalls of learning to create an online business, or create a website. I have been through the ringer over the years, and I if I can help just a few people save some money by avoiding the scams I will be very happy.

      If you ever need any assistance with your online business goals, just let me know! I’m happy to help if I can.

      All the best to you!


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