How to Make Money

How to Make Money?

How to Make Money?….  How to Make Money ?….
How many times have you asked yourself this question?
This month?  ….  This Week?….  Tonight? …. In the last hour? ….


You get the point, I’m sure. You have found this site because you want to know, how to make money!   Preferably NOW!    Ugh,…  Yeah,…  very few things in life really work that way.
Even if you do:

How to make money 02

That is NOT a hotlink to my “$79.95 how to make money overnight system!”
I don’t have one of those for you. Sorry.

What I do have for you though is a:
NO credit card needed to start, way for you to begin your journey to a successful online business today!

If you are ready to build a successful online business and just need the tools and information to get you started then I do have exactly what you are looking for! Wealthy Affiliate!

Here is some of what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer:
  • Start For Free (no credit card needed)
  • Full instruction on how to build a successful online business.
  • Training- Full Courses Designed to start from the very bottom all the way to making GREAT money!
  • Live Chat.
  • 2 FREE Websites.
  • Video Tutorials with click by click instruction on a wide array of important topics.
  • Huge Network – a community of entrepreneurs all working toward the same goals.
  • Lots of Help – just ask for help and someone will help any time.
  • Learn how to build a website. (get two free)
  • How to determine your niche.
  • How to do keyword research.
  • SEO  – Search Engine Optimization
  • Video Marketing

This is how to make money. It might not be the flashy, late night infomercial, scream in your face way, but it is how to make money, lots of it, for a long time!

Start Building your successful online business today.

HOW TO MAKE MONEY –  < < Click here or, Learn More Below

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Success Story

How to make money Success1

The item above is a screenshot of a message that Doug posted. Just one of many such examples at Wealthy Affiliate. You can find more success stories here: Wealthy Affiliate Success

Doug went on to make even more in the next month. And probably even more in January! You can have this same kind of success and even bigger! There are people that are making more than 10k per month using the very same information that you can start learning for free!

To me this is truly amazing! I don’t know of any other platform, system, program, etc. that allows you to get started for free. No credit card needed to join! Try it out and see if it is for you!

The Community

When you join Wealthy Affiliate you will be able to connect with Doug, from the example above, and thousands of other successful online business entrepreneurs that are happy and willing to help you!

These are real people that are online right now making a difference in their future, and they will help you too! The community aspect of Wealthy Affiliate is huge! I have met so many great people that have helped me learn the tools of the trade. I have a lot more to learn, but, everyday I am learning more, and enjoying every step of the journey.

This is a real opportunity for you to do something that will really impact your life! It is NOT a push button, get rich quick scheme of some kind. It is actual training that will get you going in the right direction toward your own financial freedom. This really is “how to make money”.

I know this is a way that so many people could really change their lives. Working towards a goal of financial security by putting their own passion to work!  That is why I have written this website. I want to help people find a way to help themselves. It’s the “teach a man to fish” philosophy. I wish that I had learned what I know now, years ago, but that is not what was meant to be.

Try the free membership and see if it is right for you! You have nothing to lose. And, if you find you need some help, let me know and I will help any way I can. (Tw1 = Wealthy Affiliate User Name)

If you have any questions or comments, send me an email to  and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.



Click here to join wealthy affiliate today and start your journey to success! Learn how to make money!

1 thought on “How to Make Money”

  1. Hi Tom,

    You did a great job with this website. First, I’m a person who loves sunsets.
    Second, you did a very professional job of letting the reader know why you love Wealthy Affiliates.
    Third, you laid out the financial part of starting a website at WA.
    Fourth, everything was explained, and you even had a quote from Doug, that said he was making over $2,000. per month.

    Very good job.

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