ICANGet2 Silent Salesman Mobile Marketing App

Looking for a mobile app that you can use to promote your business, communicate with your customers, or team members? How about a mobile app business opportunity? What if you get both at the same time? Learn how you can do exactly that as we take a look at ICANGet2 Silent Salesman.

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ICANGet2 Silent Salesman Mobile Marketing App Review

icanget2 silent salesman

Review: ICANGet2 Silent Salesman
Website: icanget2.com
Name: ICANGet2
Owners: The ICANetwork, Michael T. Glaspie
Cost: $14.95 Per Month
Rank: 95 out of 100

Overview: ICANGet2 Silent Salesman

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A mobile friendly advertising tool and a business opportunity in one! That’s the short but sweet description of ICANGet2 Silent Salesman! I’m going to break this down for you.

ICANGet2 Silent Salesman – The App

The ICANGet2 Silent Salesman app is an “Easy To Customize”  nearly universally compatible, application for Apple and Android devices.

icanget2 silent salesman phone

It can be used by any business, or organization that would like to stay in touch with their customers, prospects, or members.

You customize the application for your business and offer the app to your customers and contacts. You  control the content on the app, and can change it as you like. Whenever you like!

It’s easy to change the content your app users would see. You can do it from “any web browser.”

Your customers, prospects, and contacts can download and use your app for free.

There are several pages in the app that you can customize with your own content. Even adding audio and video to these pages.

The app will enable you to send broadcast SMS Text and Push Notifications to all your contacts as often as you like.

Regardless of the type of business you are in, the ability to communicate with your customers through your own app is incredibly valuable.

ICANGet2 Silent Salesman – The Opportunity

“Just get 2!”

ICANGet2 offers a MLM style distributorship program that is modeled on a “2 x 14 Forced Matrix” concept. Paying commissions to 14 levels deep you could earn a whopping $36,351 per month or more! Wow! That’s a lot of cheddar!

You won’t have to fill your downline all by yourself! The way this forced matrix program works, both your upline, and your downline will be helping you fill your matrix positions too! This is one of the wonderful things about this method.

icanget2 silent salesman mbd

As you can see, the money really starts to add up! Not only do you earn these ongoing commissions, you also earn $3.00 for every one of your personal sales.

I have a lot more information to share in this review, but, in case you are ready to check out this opportunity now, here’s a link to it.

icanget2 silent salesman
Screenshot – Click here to learn more or sign up now!
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 Who is ICANGet2 Silent Salesman For?

Just about any business, online or otherwise, can benefit greatly from having their own customized mobile app. The ability to have a direct connection with your customers, prospects, and contacts is priceless.

You will be able to create and change the content of the app whenever you like so your customers will know your latest news, specials, offers, etc.

The trend in internet use is greatly favoring smartphones as the way people get information, communicate online, and make buying decisions.

The Pew Research Center offers the following statistics:

  • 77% of Americans own a smartphone (2017 figures, up from 35% in 2011).
  • 92% of 18 -29 year olds own a smartphone.
  • 74% of 50 – 64 year olds own a smartphone.
  • 69% of U.S. adults use social media.
  • 51% of Americans own a tablet, up from just 3% in 2010.

If you would like to see more detailed data on cell phone use check out the “Mobile Fact Sheet” at Pewinternet.org here.

A November 2016 press release from StatCounter Global Stats indicates:

“mobile and tablet devices accounted for 51.3% of internet usage worldwide in October (2016) compared to 48.7% by desktop.”

Icanget2 silent salesman wwintuse
Screenshot – Click to see full report at gs.statcounter.com
An April 2017 press release from StatCounter Global Stats reports:

“Cullen said that main drivers of the breakthrough were growth of smartphones to access the internet, a decline in sales of traditional PCs and the impact of Asia on the global market.”

icanget2 silent salesman osmktshww
Screenshot – Click to see full report at gs.statcounter.com

It is very clear that mobile phone usage is exploding and will continue to grow for the foreseeable future.

With this in mind, if you are in business, it is imperative that you tailor your digital marketing efforts to the devices that your customers, and potential customers, are using.

ICANGet2 Silent Salesman could be just the application you need to do a better job of connecting with your customers.

ICANGet2 Silent Salesman is also a perfect mobile application for any kind of organization that would like to stay in touch with their membership. Clubs, sports teams, fraternal organizations, kids teams, hobbyist groups, etc., can use it to promote their events or notify members.

ICANGet2 Silent Salesman –  Training

Members of ICANGet2 have access to a variety of training materials. The getting started videos as an example, will take you through the basics of things like:

  • Choosing your shortcode
  • Using your app to promote ICANGet2
  • How to download, install, and distribute your app
  • Sending text or push messages
  • How to change your app content

There are weekly training calls delivered by MikeG that you can take advantage of. MikeG offers some great information on a variety of topics related to ICANGet2 Silent Salesman.

You can take part in the calls live every Tuesday, or catch the replay at your convenience on the training portion of your back office page.

ICANGet2 Silent Salesman – Marketing Tools

If you are going to market ICANGet2 Silent Salesman there are some premade marketing materials provided for you to use! This makes it even easier to get the word out about this product and opportunity!

Banner Ads, Emails, Signature file for your email, and, even a video that you can have customized for your business is available for your use.

icanget2 silent salesman
Screenshot – You can have this video customized for your business!

ICANGet2 Silent Salesman – Support

Should you ever need support for your application, there is a support ticket system established that will enable you to create and track a support ticket. Support is NOT available on weekends or U.S. holidays.

You can also contact them directly by phone or mail.

PO Box 1886
Palm City, FL 34991

Phone (866) 350-4872

ICANGet2 Silent Salesman – Pricing

You can get this great, customizable application, and, become a distributor of this product for only $14.95 per month!

Only $14.95 

 ICANGet2 Silent Salesman – Pros and Cons

icanget2 silent salesman scales


  • Customizable for any business or organization.
  • Change content as often as you like.
  • Ability to use audio and video in your app.
  • Free to your customers or organization members.
  • Ability to send broadcast text messages.
  • Ability to send broadcast push notifications.
  • One low monthly price regardless of number of users.
  • ICANGet2 has a B+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.
  • MikeG, CEO and Founder has a long reputation of success.
  • Forced Matrix makes filling your downline much easier.
  • No limit to potential earnings.
  • Payments made by check or PayPal.
  • App is pre configured to market ICANGet2 Silent Salesman.
  • Only $14.95 per month (ridiculously low price, great value).


  • MLM Style program (some people don’t like these)

 ICANGet2 Silent Salesman – Final Opinion

In my opinion, the app is well worth the $14.95 per month fee without even considering the associated business opportunity. I can’t think of a single business or organization that couldn’t find some great value in having their own mobile application to communicate with their customers or members.

Creating your own mobile app from scratch is something that most businesses either don’t have the skill set to accomplish, or, cannot afford to pay someone else to do.

Jeremiah Owyang at Business.com wrote a great article about this very topic. He says:

“Building a normal app can cost up to $55,000 for Android or $10,000 for Apple devices, and that does not count programming other features such as in-app purchase capabilities.”

“But even a rudimentary mobile app can do a lot for your business in ensuring growing interest and a captive audience. As apps become more popular, it becomes all the more critical to get an app as soon as possible to help create a loyal and informed consumer base.”

You can read the rest of his article here

Mike G, Michael T. Glaspie, the founder and CEO, has been in the business of marketing for many, many years. He has built several very successful organizations, and holds records for his recruiting prowess.

While researching for this article I read many pages about Mike G. Most of which are quite favorable. There are only anecdotal reports of the occasional unhappy customer. This is really an outstanding record considering the time and effort that Mike has put into marketing both online and otherwise.

ICANGet2 BBB Review

ICANGet2 currently has a B+ rating with the better business bureau with only 1 customer complaint filed with the organization. This alone speaks very highly for the company.

I am happy to see that this is not being sold as a get rich quick/overnight scheme. Based on what I have learned, it appears that Mike G is really about offering a good product and/or service to his customers.

Based on the usability of the application, its extremely low cost, and the long history company founder, I am happy to recommend the application as a useful tool for just about anyone. And, the business opportunity can be a valuable part of a strategy to create multiple streams of income.

I think you could certainly use the business opportunity of the ICANGet2 Silent Salesman to generate revenue. But, like with anything, you will need to put some work into it.

ICANGet2 Silent Salesman at a Glance…

Review: ICANGet2 Silent Salesman
Website: icanget2.com
Name: ICANGet2
Owners: The ICANetwork, Michael T. Glaspie
Cost: $14.95 Per Month
Rank: 95 out of 100

Verdict: Legit


icanget2 silent salesman
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8 thoughts on “ICANGet2 Silent Salesman Mobile Marketing App”

  1. MikeG is a master marketer and has a track record for building big organizations. He was a heavy promoter of RevUp31, which was promoting Resveratrol anti-oxidant nutritional supplement. I also remember him from BannersGoMLM where I had an account. Shopping Sherlock is a direct competitor for ICANGet2. Given my experience with with MikeG, I would choose Shopping Sherlock for a phone app business over MikeG.

    1. Hi Glen!

      Thanks for visiting ILoveWealthyAffiliate.com, and for your comment regarding “ICANGet2 Silent Salesman Mobile Marketing App.”

      You are right that MikeG has been able to create many successful businesses including the ones you mentioned. His record in the industry is impressive to say the least.

      I do not see any direct comparison between ICANGet2 Silent Salesman and Shopping Sherlock. The only thing I can see that they have in common is that there is a business opportunity in each. 

      To me, the real value in ICANGet2 Silent Salesman is the customizable application. Any business or organization that would like to have a direct pipeline of communication to their customers or members could use this app.

      The $15 per month fee is extremely reasonable in my opinion. Especially when you consider the cost of developing your own app if you had to pay someone to do it.

      Regarding the MLM business opportunity associated with ICANGet2 Silent Salesman, MLM programs are not my primary focus. I think that you can build a successful online business without having to employ this model. However, I have no objection to being passively involved in this particular case.

      It’s not really my intention to use ICANGet2 Silent Salesman – the business opportunity, to make a living. However, if I happen to generate some income from the program I won’t be terribly upset. 🙂 

      Thanks again for your visit, and your comment here! If I can ever be of any assistance to you just let me know. 

      I wish you great success and prosperity!


  2. Hi there,
    I have just read your review on Icanget2 and I must admit that I have’nt heard of this online business before now.
    You seem to be well up to speed on this biz and you are totally recommending it.
    If as you say it can be done on a p/t basis, its well worth looking into.
    I have bookmarket this review for further ref.
    At $15 per month, it seem reasonable..
    Thanks for the great review
    Best wishes
    Cheers Phil Browne

    1. Hi Phil!

      Thank you very much for visiting ILoveWealthyAffiliate.Com and for your comment regarding “ICANGet2 Silent Salesman!”

      Phil I really think that this application would be perfect for most any kind of business that is looking to have a mobile app to communicate with their customers and prospects. It is well worth the $15 per month, particularly if you consider what it would cost to have an application built for you.

      Thank you again for visiting, and please let me know if I can be of any service to you.


  3. Hi Tom Thank you for sharing this tool. It looks amazing. You really seem to believe in it. I have a question about how you, personally, use the actual app itself. Do you use it to promote you other businesses or simply to promote the tool itself? If so how do you find it works in the different scenario? Thanks again for sharing. I might give it a go. Positively Keith

    1. Hi Keith!

      Thank you very much for visiting ILoveWealthyAffiliate.Com, and for your comment regarding “ICANGet2 Silent Salesman Mobile Marketing App.”

      My favorable review on this product is based on the value that it offers to those that would use it in their business. I know of no other application of this nature that you can get all these features, and the ability to use them without limits, for $15 per month. 

      Statistics show, including those available on my own sites, that people are accessing the internet most often via mobile phone. In the case of my own sites the data shows that 86% are using phones to access my content.

      I feel that any business that is not currently tailoring their online presence to this large, and growing segment of the market could find themselves losing, instead of gaining market share, regardless of the products or services they feature.

      A mobile application like this can help any business add value to their products and services. Customers are happy to have the opportunity to save time and money, and businesses are happy to have a way to directly communicate their offers to their customers.

      Many of my friends own brick and mortar small, and some not so small, businesses, and have expressed great interest in having a mobile application to support and encourage a tighter following. I expect several of them to adopt Silent Salesman as one of the tools in their marketing toolbox.

      I hope to be able to post some definitive results, both in my personal/professional use, and my clients use, of ICANGet2 Silent Salesman in the near future.

      Thank you again for visiting and commenting here!

      Let me know if I can be of any help to you.


  4. Hi Tom,

    ICANGet2 sounds like an app that almost any business owner can benefit from. The opportunity also seems like a decent bonus; although it looks like you’d have to refer a lot of people to make a sustainable income.

    With they way the internet keeps growing and the fact that we’re all constantly using it on our phones, it comes at no surprise that an app that lets you communicate with your customers exists.

    I currently use a similar app to track leads, but I’m definitely gonna check out ICANGet2.


    1. Hi Diana!

      Thank you very much for visiting ILoveWealthyAffiliate.Com, and for your comment regarding “ICANGet2 Silent Salesman Mobile Marketing App.”

      Price of just $15 per month to use this app makes it an extreme value in any businesses marketing efforts. Even the cheapest of marketing campaigns will cost much more, and probably not offer the same kind of direct communication with customers, prospects, etc.

      In addition to this, the app is also perfect for any kind of team or organization that would like to stay in touch with their members.

      As far as the business opportunity goes, the verdict is still out on that one. We will see if there is really money to be made.

      I wish you great success and prosperity! If I can ever be of any help to you, please let me know.


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