Inbox Dollars, Scam?

Inbox Dollars, Scam?

Is Inbox Dollars a Scam? That is the question that I have set out to answer for you today!

Work at home opportunities are on a lot of people’s minds these days. It is my goal to try to weed through the mess of opportunities out there and provide you with the most complete information I can. I hope you will find this information helpful. Your questions or comments regarding the information presented here are welcome! And, If you know anyone who could benefit from this information please feel free to share this page.

Review: Inbox Dollars

Date of Review: 3/2016


Inbox Dollars, Scam? FireShot Capture 29 - InboxDollars

Name: Inbox Dollars
Owners: CotterWeb Enterprises, Inc  1295 Northland Dr Ste 300 Mendota Heights, MN 55120-1380
Cost: Free to Join
Rank: 65 out of 100

Overview: Inbox Dollars

My initial impressions of InboxDollars is that you might be able to earn some dollars here, but it will likely be a slow and somewhat tiresome process.

This site is generally a survey site where you get paid for taking surveys. They don’t pay very much. They ask a lot of personal questions about your household. They offer you opportunities to sign up for credit cards, car insurance, home insurance, medical insurance, prescription drug savings cards, etc.

They do have some sponsors that will pay more for utilizing their product or service. You can see an example of this on the bottom of the screenshot below. As an example, if you get your credit report from “National Credit Report.Com” you can earn $7.00.

For me personally, I am a little turned off by this kind of site. Some people might enjoy it, but I find it to be a little intrusive. I don’t really like to put my personal data out on websites if I can avoid it. And, I prefer not to subject myself to one sales pitch after another.  Unfortunately that is what this type of site feels like to me.

If you are already in need of these kinds of services, then you might be able to get some extra value for your purchasing power.

I did join this site quite a few years ago in an attempt to try to make a little extra cash. I suppose because of the way I felt about the tasks and surveys I was not successful. I am sure that there are people that have made some money by using this site. But I don’t think you are going to make a living at it.

As a credit to this site they have been around for a few years, and continue to operate.  I have no way to determine how long the average user would continue to use this site, or what the average earnings would be. I would be very interested in the attrition ratio.

They do have a good rating with the Better Business Bureau:

CotterWeb Enterprises, Inc. BBB Report Inbox Dollars

As you can see they have had their share of complaints. 21 in the last 12 months. But, apparently they do address the complaints which is very good to know. In comparison, there are a lot of these types of opportunities that do NOT respond to complaints from the users, so I have to give them a thumbs up for this.

I reviewed a few of the complaints and found that several of them were regarding a lack of anticipated payment regarding a 5% cash back offer for utilizing the website’s Amazon affiliate links. It appears that they were eventually resolved to the satisfaction of the customer in most cases.

Inbox Dollars will give you a $5 “bonus” for signing up, and completing your first list. The first list took me about 45 minutes or so, and by the time I had finished that I had earned $6.96. You have to have at least $30 to get a check or payment from them, so I am figuring that it will take quite a while to make that happen.

Here is a screenshot of my earnings page after about 45 minutes of activity including taking a couple of surveys, watching a couple of videos, and of course my 5 dollar bonus.

Inbox Dollars, Scam? screenshot earnings


Pros and Cons of Inbox Dollars


  • I earned “$6.96 within about 45 minutes of joining. You can get your first check when you have earned $30
  • Inbox Dollars / CotterWeb Enterprises is an established business
  • Inbox Dollars / CotterWeb Enterprises has an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau


  • You have to have at least $30.00 in earnings to get a check
  • I had an account with this website some time ago, but it expired due to lack of activity. The term Inbox Dollars uses for and aged, unused account is “cleaned.” When I went to sign up to complete this review, I had forgotten my password for the account. As a result I could not log in. Also, I could NOT change my password because I couldn’t log in. After chatting with their support people, I was told that the only solution was to create a new account using a different email account. I did not wish to do this but I had to, to be able to sign in to do this review. I consider this a flaw in their system. Since I still have access to the same email account, I should be able to reset the password, but their system, even with tech support, did NOT allow me to do so.
  • With this site I feel like I will be inundated with junk email from the survey partners.
  • Relatively small earnings potential
  • No Residual, or passive income potential


Who is Inbox Dollars For?

Anyone interested in spending their time taking surveys or completing paid trial offers will have a great time with Inbox Dollars. They do have a ton of content, and some of the users I have talked to report never being bored because of the variety. If you have the time and patience with the relatively low paying offers, you can put a few bucks in your pocket.

Inbox Dollars Tools and Training

Every day when you log in to Inbox Dollars you will be given a list of tasks to accomplish. This is the direction they want you to go to earn your daily revenue. As it is a directed path, it will be helpful to some users. You can go out on your own and explore all their offers if you like, and since the daily list won’t take you very long, you will probably be doing that pretty quickly.

As far as I can tell, there is NO training on this site. There really is nothing to learn here that I can see. Just complete the surveys, watch the videos, play the games and enjoy the commercials. Try as many of the offers as you can. Basically the site is training you to be a consumer of the products and services of the affiliated businesses.


Inbox Dollars Support

Screenshot of the main support page

 INBOX DOLLARS support screenshot

The support section of Inbox Dollars is broken up into the groups you see above. Clicking on any of these buttons when you are on their site will give you a text FAQ for that topic. They also have a live chat support that they say is available 24 hours a day. I have used the live chat support as mentioned above in this review. The help there was a little slow to respond, and asked me to repeat information that I had to put in to open the chat, but they were friendly enough.

I do have to mention that my particular issue, a “cleaned” account, could NOT be corrected even with the help of their tech support, and I had to create a new account in order to use the service.


Inbox Dollars Price

Two Membership Levels are offered, Both are free. Here is a screenshot to explain:

Inbox Dollars - gold membership

All you have to do to become a “Gold Member” is to have your first payment processed. This might point to my earlier question about the attrition ratio. To offer a reward for having made it through your first payment from the site, might indicate that most don’t make it that far. I have to confess that so far, I have not.


My Final Opinion of Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars is great place to go if you are seeking to earn a little bit of income from your spare time that you have for searching on the web, filling out surveys or taking advantage of offers from their associated vendors. It is a way to trade your time for a small paycheck if you are willing to fill the requirements.

It is NOT in my opinion a way to start a successful online business, market your product, or, create a long term income. Personally I would rather spend my time online building a business that will provide security for my family. Something that works even when I’m not working.


Inbox Dollars  at a Glance…

Name: Inbox Dollars
Owners: CotterWeb Enterprises, Inc.
Price: Free
Overall  Rank: 65 out of 100


I hope you have enjoyed my review of Inbox Dollars.

 If you are really looking for a way to make some money online click this link to learn about my number one suggestion. 

Please leave your questions, comments, or suggestions. Please share your experience with this or any other online opportunity. If I can ever be of any assistance just let me know.





30 thoughts on “Inbox Dollars, Scam?”

    1. Thanks for visiting the site D!
      I hope you found the information here helpful in your decision.
      Please let me know if I can be of any service!

  1. I thought the review of this business was helpful. So many people seek ways to make money online and will jump at the first chance. However, it would be my assumption that most do not take the initiative to really check the company out and what it has to offer or not offer. This was very helpful. Thank you.

    1. Hi Lex!
      Thanks for checking out the review of Inbox Dollars!
      I will continue to work hard to provide a real perspective on the money making opportunities out there!
      Keep checking back. If I can ever be of service, just let me know!

  2. Thanks for the review. I have to agree that InboxDollars is legit. It’s been around for a very long time. Its one of the first opportunities I looked into way back in the early 2000s. It’s definitely evolved and provided more ways to earn. But like you said some of the way aren’t my cup of tea.

    I really dislike the $30 minimum cash out. I think something like $10 would be more reasonable. Thanks for the in-depth review.

    1. Thanks for your comment Eddy! I appreciate you taking the time! I am still getting “other opportunities” as a result of my signing up for Inbox Dollars.. I’m not sure how valid they are but I will be adding the data to my review!

      Good luck to you an all your endeavors!



  3. Great name! Perfect for your niche:) I personally just reviewed inbox dollars my self and I still use inbox dollars to get some extra cash. I just got my third check in the mail. I would recommend it to anyone looking to make money, but you have to stay dedicated.

    Best of luck
    Thadp P. Gymbulk Fitness

    1. Hi Thadp!

      Thanks for the report on your use of Inbox Dollars! And your recommendation. I would really like it if you could come back here and post again in a month or two and let us all know how its going with them!

      You comment about staying dedicated, I believe, is true regardless of what you want to do in life. There is no “easy road to riches.”

      But, I believe that if you do dedicate your time and energy to building an online business you can certainly accomplish it!

      I look forward to hearing from you again Thadp!

      I wish you great success and prosperity!



  4. Hi Tom,
    You issued a very succinct review of Inbox dollars telling people exactly what it represents – a less than ideal way to earn money online. I am familiar with inbox dollars trying it out in the past.

    You hit the nail on the head when you stated that it can be frustrating enacting some of Inbox dollars’ ideas for making money online. I felt that it was a lot of time wasted.

    Regarding surveys, one of the options available at inbox the thing to realize is that with many of them if you don’t fit the specific demographic you quickly get disqualified and as a result don’t make one penny.

    Inbox dollars to be honest is a waste of time, and it was completely accurate that you indicated so in your review. There are much better ways to earn money online perhaps building a business through the training at WA!

    Great review Tom. Your ranking of 65 out of 100 is very accurate. Not an outright scam with a failing grade. But the grade that you issued would be equal to a “D” – obviously a less than stellar grade.


    1. Greetings Jeff!

      You are absolutely right about needing to meet a specific demographic to qualify for the surveys. If you aren’t in the market for baby products as an example, you wont get surveys on that.

      I really see Inbox Dollars as a method to get your name, email, and other personal data so they can send their marketing partners after you.

      I have had no less than 10 additional sales calls on my phone since I signed up to do the review. I have also been receiving a huge variety of spammy emails for all kinds of things. Today, one of the emails indicated that I had been hired for a Job paying $2100 dollars a month to use Google. Uh.. Not very likely .. lol.

      Another one is from “my new psychic advisor Bethea” who says my life is going to have a 180 degree turnaround, and that I really need to watch my email for her weekly predictions that she will be sending. Oh Brother….

      I didn’t request the job or the psychic help… lol

      If I can ever be of any help to you Jeff just let me know!

      Good luck in your endeavors!



    1. Hi Autumn!

      Thank you for checking out the review! Since you have experience with Inbox Dollars can I ask you if you think I have written a “fair” review?

      I look forward to your reply!

      1. I would say that this is a valid review, but I wouldn’t quite consider it a scam. You CAN get paid IF you really stick to it and really want to give your opinion on everything. Inbox Dollars has a similar set up to Swagbucks, but there are more benefits so to speak with Swagbucks than there are with Inbox Dollars.

        Like you mentioned a 65 of 100, and like JeffWA mentioned above with a “D” rating, I would have to agree with that.

        1. Hello Autumn!

          Thank you for taking the time to visit the site and comment regarding Inbox Dollars.
          Your perspective on Inbox Dollars is much appreciated. I’m sure that there are people that will make some money with Inbox Dollars, but I don’t think it is a way to make a “significant” income.
          Also the fact that you will be subjected to a barrage of solicitations as a result of “working” with them gives me a very negative feeling about being associated with Inbox Dollars.

          Personal Experience – After signing up with inbox dollars, within hours, I started receiving telemarketing calls from all over. Perhaps that is what I “signed up” for, but, I really don’t like answering those calls.

          Live and learn I suppose 🙂
          Thank you again for your comment! If I can ever be of any assistance, please let me know!

  5. I would agree that this site doesn’t sound like a scam, but I think I would get bored of this type of work pretty quick as it sounds very tedious and I would prefer doing something I like if I’m going to try and earn some more money. I appreciate your review very much as I don’t think I have much need to check Inbox Dollars out. I’m sure it will be great for some people though.

    1. Hi GaymerJock,

      Thank you for your opinion on Inbox Dollars and my review. You definitely need to be engaged in something you like if you are going to pursue an online business. It really is one of the great things about working for yourself, you have the opportunity to do the kind of work you like!

      Please come back and check out my other reviews going forward, And let me know if I can ever be of any help to you.



  6. Hi there my friend,

    I love it, just absolutely love it when I come across sites like your warning people about scams.

    Really honorable thing that your are doing, and kudos and good for you.

    Do keep up the excellent work as you are saving a lot o fpeole a lot of money and stress.

    1. Greetings Derek!

      Thank you for visiting the site! I’m happy to be able to help anyone I can particularly in regards to preventing them from being taken advantage of.

      In this case, as I mentioned in the review, I think some people will make some money and enjoy Inbox Dollars, but for those people that are trying to build a successful online business, there are better ways!

      Be sure and let me know If I can ever be of assistance to you sir!



  7. After reading this review and checking out Inbox Dollars current BBB report it appears they are addressing the complaints so I may myself give this a look. Thanks for the write up and info.

    1. Hello Robert!

      Thanks for visiting the site and checking out the review on Inbox Dollars! I would be very interested to know if try it if you have any success, and how you like it!
      Please let us know how it goes for you!

  8. Hello Tom and a very good review of yet another Survey Program.
    The Net seems to be awash with these type of so called easy money programs and I for one would not touch them with the proverbial 10 foot barge pole.
    But I suppose they will be an attractive prospect for people who have nothing to do all day and are stuck at home.
    Will I be recommending Inbox Dollars to my friends. – Nah!!!
    Have a nice day.
    Robert Allan

    1. Hi Robert! Thank you for visiting the site and for your comments on Inbox Dollars, Scam?

      There are so many of these types of things on the web it can be very difficult to determine which, if any, are worth the time to do. My Daughter uses inbox dollars and says she makes a few extra bucks every month, and as you can see I was able to earn a few dollars in an hour or so. But, I think there are better ways if you are really interested in starting a successful business online. That’s why I refer people to my #1 recommendation here..

      I really appreciate your time and comments! If I can ever be of any service please let me know.


  9. Yeah this a well known rewards site that has been about for many years now – completely legit but you have to make your own mind up on how worth your time it is. Do you want some extra pocket money or do you want to make a living online? This will cater for one…but not the other!

    1. Hi Chris!

      Thank you for visiting and for your comment regarding Inbox Dollars, Scam?

      For me the time invested to make the few bucks could be better spent. But, each to his own opinion.

      I wish you great success in all your endeavors! Please stop by the site again sometime and let me know what works for you!


  10. Inbox Dollars sounds very similar to Swagbucks which is another program that has rewared me for participating in online activities 🙂

    From your review, there are some aspects that put me off from joining Inbox Dollars. The main one being earning very little for my efforts.

    It’s great to know you earned nearly $7 upon joining this program, but to wait til you reach $30 in order to cash out is too much of a high figure for me. From reading about the other cons, Inbox Dollars isn’t a program for me because I’m looking for something more solid!

    Thanks for the review.

    1. Hi Neil!

      Thank you very much for visiting and for your comment on Inbox Dollars, Scam.

      I have to agree with you on Inbox Dollars. The work / reward ratio is not really very good in my opinion. I did try it out, and I know other people that use it to make a few bucks, but for me, I think I can spend my time more wisely doing other things.

      I do really appreciate your visit and comment Neil!

      Please come back some time and tell us what works for you!


  11. This is one of the best place to be for anyone who wants to learn online business, the community the tools and everthing that wealthy affiliate offers is just so good. stick with the training and you can’t go wrong, thanks for sharing this valuable information that will help so much people in the right direction as far as a online businessis concern.

    1. Hi Norman!

      Thanks for visiting and for your comment regarding “Inbox Dollars, Scam?”

      I agree with you about Wealthy Affiliate! It is the best place for someone looking to start an online business!

      I hope to chat with you again soon!


  12. Hi,

    I am currently using InboxDollars and ive found it to be a good site to make money. Although its not a scam and you can make money, your best bet to guarantee yourself a good set of income is through Affiliate Marketing.

    I Am currently doing Affiliate marketing at Wealthy affiliate which is great and makes it possible for you to make some Passive income.

    1. Greetings Joshua!

      Thank you for visiting and for your comment regarding Inbox Dollars. I know that you can make a few bucks with Inbox Dollars, but I too think that you can spend your time more wisely by learning affiliate marketing with Wealthy Affiliate!

      Good luck to you in all your endeavors!


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