Plug-In Profit Site Scam

In my continuing quest to bring you the best information I can about the ever growing variety of online money making opportunities. I have found myself looking at another painful example of how you could easily lose some money. This one is the Plug-In Profit Site Scam.

Screenshot:Capture 129 plug-in profit site scam google

Plug-In Profit Site Scam

Review: Plug-In Profit Site
Name: Plug-in Profit Site
Owner: Stone Evans
Cost: “FREE”
Rank 00 out of 100

Plug-in Profit Site Scam – Overview

Searching for “New Money Making System” provides an instant path to the Plug-in Profit Site.The image you see above of the Google search results listing for the Plug-In Profit Site. This listing is #3 on page one, with about 950 million results for that query. I’m sure that they are getting quite a number of monthly hits! Capture 130 Plug-In Profit Site scam Complete MoneyMaki

Going to the site you will be presented with a long movie of sorts. More like a text slideshow with audio.

My scam radar starts going off the minute I see things like this image. I have become very cautious when someone says they want to give me something for free. Even if it is “just to prove that his online money making system really works.”   I’ve only just begun to look at this page and already here are some claims that I have a hard time believing. “Once bitten, twice shy” I suppose.

You can scroll down the site and read along with the presentation if you like reading text presented in a lot of different fonts, colors, and sizes. I  think that when I see this style, I immediately associate it with a hard pitch.

In short, Stone Evans is promising to provide you with a completely free, built website, and, the opportunity to sign up with his top five affiliate programs.Capture 132 Plug-In Profit Site Stone Evans Plug-In Profit Site scam

Stone Evans is going to make a commision on your subscriptions, or any sales you make through his 5 affiliate programs, and the site he will make for you will be pretty much do the same thing for you.

While he is providing the work of setting up your website for free, and, a couple of his “recommended” affiliate programs are free, you cannot start this business completely for free.

You are required to purchase or provide your own domain name. Stone Evans will provide the hosting, but you must purchase a domain name. You don’t have to purchase it from his provided link. But I’m sure most people do, and Stone Evans will certainly earn a commision from that.

The number one affiliate program on his list is Empower Network. A little bit of research easily turns up evidence that the Empower Network is a rather expensive MLM club to join. See my full review of Empower Network here.

Membership to Empower Network starts at $19.99 a month with upsells to $100 per month. Plus three different one time payments of $500, $995, and $3500.  Wow!

The Empower Network does show you their affiliates income statistics. I don’t find it very impressive when 92% of the total membership makes an average of $55.00 per year.

Capture 134 Plug-In Profit Site Emp Net income stats Plug-In Profit Site scam

Again, this is Stone Evans’ #1 recommended affiliate program.

Other Stone Evans’ recommended affiliate programs

Capture139SF Plug-In Profit Site scam

SFI – Six Figure Income – Another MLM type marketing scheme. You can join for free, but to earn commissions you have to have a earn a qualifying 1500 VP per month. You do this by recruiting new members or making qualifying purchases. To me it is a relatively complicated compensation plan and I do not like MLM programs.

Capture 141 Traffic Authority Plug-In Profit Site scam

Capture 142 Traffic Authority Review bbb Plug-In Profit Site scam

Traffic Authority – Formerly known as the Infinite Leverage System, is another MLM type of marketing system. This one purports to provide you with qualified targeted traffic to your website. Pricing starts at $220 per month up to over $8ooo.oo per month.

Please note the F rating with the BBB for Traffic Authority. You can click the BBB image for the complete BBB review.

Capture 143Trafficmonsoon Plug-In Profit Site scam

Capture 144 Traffic MonsoonLLC Review bbb Plug-In Profit Site scam

Traffic Monsoon – This is a PTC or Paid To Click, revenue sharing, advertising company. The company owner has a relatively checkered past with other failed schemey type online businesses. As you can see this company also has a very poor rating with the BBB. You can click on the BBB image to see the full report.

Capture 145 Got Back Up Plug-In Profit Site scam

Capture 146 GVO Review bbb Plug-In Profit Site scam

Got BackUp – It looks like a site dedicated to selling online computer backup services. But a closer look and some research will show you that this is another MLM program. I read a review from one member that was actually in the program. This person indicated that they are really not about selling the backup service, but, more about recruiting new members.

While doing the research for Plug-In Profit Site I have found the following interesting items. Icann Whois Screenshot:Capture 136 Plug-In Profit Site scam ICANN WHOIS

The screenshot above is the current ICann registration for the domain

Searching the BBB for information on the business listed in the Icann registration had no results. I was however able to find a listing for Plug in Profits as below.

Capture 131 - Plug-In Profit Site scam Review BBB

No rating from the BBB for Plug-In Profits as they have insufficient data about this business.

One troubling entry I found for Stone Evans is that he has had action taken against him for an earlier online endeavor.

Capture 135 Plug-In Profit Site Scam Stone Evans 2003 case

Capture 137 - Plug-In Profit Site Scam charges1Capture 138 Plug-In Profit Site Scam charges 2

Full information on this legal action above available here

The above action was being taken as a result of Stone Evans using an old scam basically about stuffing envelopes with a new internet twist.

Given this interesting find while researching Plug-In Profit Site, I would have great concern for joining anything attached to Stone Evans. But you should always do your research before joining any opportunity.

There are lots of ways to make money online, and otherwise. In my humble opinion just because you CAN make money doing something, doesn’t mean you SHOULD.

So in my reviews you may find things that may in fact make money, that I will NOT recommend. Stone Evans probably made money with the scheme the FTC went after him for in 2003, but, he obviously shouldn’t have. He did have to return a great deal of money.

I will be doing full reviews of all of Stone Evans’ recommended affiliate programs on this site in the very near future. Please be sure to check back, or leave me a comment below indicating you would like to have the reports and I will happily send them to you.

Plug-In Profit Site Scam Pros and Cons


In an effort to be as fair as possible, I have been considering this for days. I cannot honestly find any pros for this site.


  1. Questionable ethics of the ownership. This is the biggest negative for me.
  2. The recommendation for using the Empower Network. An MLM business that I would prefer NOT to be involved with.
  3. The recommendation to use SFI. Another MLM program.
  4. The recommendation to use Traffic Authority. Another MLM program.
  5. The recommendation to use Traffic Monsoon. Poorly rated.
  6. The recommendation to use Got BackUp. Another MLM  program.
Who is Plug-in Profit Site Scam For?

If you are looking for a way to spend a ton of money entering into many MLM marketing plans. Then this might be for you.

Plug-in Profit Site Scam Tools and Training

None that I could really find, although I am sure that each of the MLM programs that you are referred to will try to sell you something in the category of training. More than likely it will be training on how to recruit new members to the MLM program.


Plug-in Profit Site Price FREE – Stone isn’t selling you anything on his site. It’s all the other sites he is sending you to that are going to hit your credit card hard!

My Final Opinion of Plug-in Profit Site Scam

My final opinion of the Plug-In Profit Site Scam is just that. It is a scam. A pretty well crafted one by Stone Evans. Much like his earlier scam of getting people to send out five dollar bills to him, this website is about getting you to sign up for all the MLM schemes he is a part of so he can profit from your membership and any downline you create.

Plug-in Profit Site Scam at a Glance…Plug-In Profit Site Scam image

Name: Plug-in Profit Site
Owner: Stone Evans
Cost: “FREE”
Rank 00 out of 100


I base my final rank and final verdict on whether or not I would recommend this to a friend or family member. I could not in good conscience do either one for this Plug-In Profit Site scam.

I have spent many years and tons of money on all kinds of “opportunities.” Most of them didn’t work out so good and left me with less money and feeling terrible that I had wasted my time once again.

You have probably found this website as a result of your search for an online business you could start. There is NO easy money get rich quick scheme that is going to give you a lasting online business.

All of those schemes are here today, gone tomorrow. They continuously have to come up with some new scheme to attract attention. This is NOT the kind of thing that I was really ever interested in doing.

I wanted a way to make a respectful living online. One that would enable me to have a little more freedom. One that I could be proud to invite my friends and family into if they were interested. Not something that forced me to recruit my friends and family.

After searching long and hard, and spending way too much, I finally have found such an opportunity.

Like I said though, it’s NOT a get rich quick scheme. It is a place where you can learn to use the tools of the online world to create a successful online business.

Your new business can be as big or little as you like. You can work on it in your spare time to start if you like. And you can try the whole system out for free!

wa_stop_struggling_728x90 Plug-In Profit Site Scam

Learn all about Wealthy Affiliate! See my review of my #1 recommendation.

I’m happy to help you if you need help getting started! Just let me know!

I wish you great success and prosperity!


4 thoughts on “Plug-In Profit Site Scam”

  1. Wow, you have really researched this ‘opportunity’ well. It’s great that you have found out about Stone Evans Track record. This is not something most people would look into when looking in an opportunity but the background of the owner is of paramount importance to ensure that you are getting into something legit.

    So it’s really great that you are letting people know about this. Sounds like a complete waste of time as far as I can see. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Greeting Ruth!

      Thank you for visiting the site and for your comments on “Plug-In Profit Site Scam”

      An organisation or company can never have a better reputation than that of the owners. Unethical practices by the owners will certainly impact the customers of the business negatively. I believe it is important to be armed with all the information you can when you are considering spending your dollars.

      Thank you again for stopping by, I really appreciate your engagement!


  2. Hello Tom and yet another of those cleverly disguised scams in Plug-In-Profit and the only ones who really profit are the ones at the top of the pyramid.
    But like yourself I tried these money making schemes a few years ago until I saw the light but of course lost money while doing it.
    Also just like you I found a program that isn’t about making you rich overnight but gives you the training and the tools so that you can at the very least have a fighting chance to make money.
    All it takes and is asked of you is that you put in the effort because you will only get out off it what you are prepared to put into it and you can’t really say fairer than that.
    I really do hope people who visit your site will take away the very obvious message you are giving them and stay well away from these type of scams and opt for the ones like your number one recommendation.
    Robert Allan

    1. Hello Robert!

      Thank you very much for visiting the site, and for your comments regarding the “Plug-In Profit Site Scam.”

      People really need good information to be able to make an appropriate decision for them. It is my goal to offer the best information I can to people who are interested in working at home, internet marketing, etc.

      I certainly learned some things the hard way when I first became interested in working online. It was painful and expensive. It is my goal to help people avoid some of the pitfalls that I have encountered along the way.

      I really appreciate your time and your comments!

      Please come and engage with us again!


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