ShareCash, Scam?

Today we will be looking at ShareCash. Is it a scam? Or, Is it a real opportunity for you to make some money online?

Review: ShareCash

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Name: ShareCash
Owners: ShareCash, LLC
Cost: Price
Rank: 20 out of 100


ShareCash is a PPD or Pay Per Download site. The way it works is you upload your files to ShareCash, Advertise your files availability by posting it in forums, or, developing websites or blogs, linking to your sharecash uploads.

When someone wants to download your previously uploaded file they are required to take a survey or a trial service of some kind.

Advertisers, or survey marketers pay Sharecash for the opportunity to market to the file downloaders, and you as the file uploader will receive a fee for each each download your files get.

According to their online information, and, comments and reviews from users that I have researched, the average pay per file is approximately one dollar. The range of earnings per download is from $0.20 to $20.00.

Disclaimer: I am not now, nor have I ever been a member of ShareCash. This review is based on the public information I am able to find on ShareCash. I will show you the data that I have compiled in order to form and educated opinion. I hope that I have saved you some time researching this company and the “opportunity” they are offering.

Pros and Cons


  • Not too sure I can find any other than what is stated on their website. I was able to find some sites / threads where people indicated they did receive payment from the site for their downloaded files. But, I did NOT find any real evidence of this.
  • Free Membership

Features Screenshot:

Capture 40 - ShareCash Features


I have found many websites with users complaining about the following issues relating to ShareCash:

  • Receiving malware with or during the download process
  • Failure of user to receive payments for downloads
  • Excessive pop-ups
  • Fake surveys that do not unlock the download
  • Unsafe for Children
More Issues with ShareCash:
  • The company that owns ShareCash has an F rating with the BBB

ShareCash - bbb rating

  • The BBB Report above shows this company has an address of:
    4324 Share Cash Ave. Tampa, FL 33611This Address does NOT Exist! There is no street in Tampa called Share Cash Ave.  I could find no reference for this in Google Maps.
  • There is NO reference for this business at – The Florida Division of Corporations
  • Whois Domain information for  is privacy protected by WhoisGuard. While this is NOT illegal, and, can be used to prevent spam to the domain owner, it can also be used to help conceal the true ownership of a website. Most reputable websites do NOT use privacy protection.
  • I found several sites where that were happy to discuss how to “trick” people into getting your ShareCash downloads.  While this may not be the direct fault of ShareCash, I’m sure they know these types of things are taking place within their service.
  • The sites most recent “News” entry on their site is June 24, 2014. It seems to me that ANY reputable site would have had an update since then, it is March 2016.

Screenshot of “News” Latest date June 24, 2014

Capture 38 ShareCash News

  • rates this site as Low Trustworthiness, Low Child Safety:

Capture 39 - I WOT


The list of negatives for ShareCash is just way too high for me to even think about trying this.

Who is ShareCash For?

Their website seems to market to those who would like to make money by uploading their files and promoting them. I found it interesting that a site that is promoting their users making money by people downloading their files, did NOT offer a directory or listing of the files available on the site to download.

ShareCash Tools and Training

Their website indicates innovative tools, a sleek user interface that makes it easy and fun to get the work done.


ShareCash Tools

ShareCash Support

Website Excerpt – “Our dedicated support team has multiple full-time staff from all over the world to help you 24/7 with whatever you need, and our forum is home to hundreds of skilled uploaders who are willing to answer any questions you may have.”

I would note that on the main site I could NOT find a link to support. I also found no reference to any support from the owners of the company.

ShareCash  Price

I have been able to determine that there are two account types. Free, and Premium. But, I have not been able to determine what the pricing is for the premium account. I suppose you have to be a member to get that information. Seems a little fishy to me.

My Final Opinion of ShareCash

While I am open to looking at almost any kind of money making opportunity, and over the years I have tried quite a few. I think I would have to pass on this one.

Even though the membership is free, I don’t think I would feel comfortable giving them my personal information, even just to sign up.

Since I did find some anecdotal evidence that  some people might be making money with this site. I won’t rate them a zero, but, because I also found quite a few people that were trying to trick people into downloading their content that they have hosted on this site just to make a buck, I will NOT be giving them a very high rating.

This may not be the direct responsibility of the site, but it still is something that I would steer clear of.

With all of this, and the F rating from the Better Business Bureau in mind, I rate ShareCash at 20 out of a possible 100.

I believe they are operating a legal business, but, I also believe that their legal business could be a support mechanism of many of the things most of us don’t want any part of.

Malware, Pop-Up Ads, Surveys that are really just for gleaning your personal information so they can inundate you with targeted advertising, etc..

I don’t know about you, but I dislike that stuff.

Share Cash at a Glance…

Name: ShareCash

Website: ShareCash.Org
Owners: ShareCash, LLC – No personal ownership information available
Price: Free and Premium Memberships. No data available on premium membership price
Overall  Rank: 20 out of 100


If you are looking for a way to make money online that is legitimate. That you can do from home, or anywhere with an internet connection.

A method to establish a successful online business that can provide you and your family with a respectable, long term, reliable source of income.

You should take a look at my number 1 recommendation! Here!

I promise you won’t be disappointed.


16 thoughts on “ShareCash, Scam?”

  1. Thanks Tom, for bringing this ShareCash SCAM out in the open! I’ve been through a lot of scams, and wasted a lot of money and time, so much that reading through this ShareCash review simply reminds me of every set of falsehoods each one of them will always try to put together! Wealthy Affiliate here is a great community platform I have never regretted joining.

    1. Hi Stephen!

      Thank you very much for visiting “I Love Wealthy Affiliate” and thank you for your comment regarding ShareCash.

      You are right about Wealthy Affiliate! It is hard to put into a short statement all the great things people find when they join. From the fantastic training to the huge community of great people, Wealthy Affiliate really offers an incredible opportunity.

      Good luck to you in your endeavors, and If I can ever be of help just let me know.



  2. I’ve never heard of Sharecash before, glad that you made a review about it Tom! Nowadays, you gotta do a bit more research into programs before joining, in this case, I would definitely turn away if I don’t see the owners details. It’s reviews like these that make the research part easier. Keep up the great work Tom!

    1. Hello Jp!

      Thanks for stopping by the site, and checking out the review on ShareCash. I am very happy to be able to bring these kinds of things out in the open for people. I have spent a ton of money over the years on stuff that didn’t work, and anything I can do to help someone else avoid these kinds of things brings me great happiness!

      I wish you all the best in your endeavors!
      If I can ever be of assistance, please let me know.

  3. Tom,
    I appreciated your objective review of Sharecash without having personally dealt with the company. Your review was clear and concise and only presented facts exampled with screen shots. Nice work!

    1. Hi Lex!

      Glad that you found the review informative and helpful. There are much better things out there to consider than ShareCash that’s for sure!
      Let me know if I can ever be of any help.

  4. Hi Tom,

    There should be MORE information available like this. Great information and well informing people of the money making scams out there. I know that I have paid a lot of $$ for such scams, work hard, and get absolutely nothing in return but wasted time on my end. Very good and detailed information.

    1. Hi Matt’s Mom!
      Thank you for your kind words regarding the ShareCash Scam. It is my goal to try to expose as many of these things as I can in an attempt to prevent people from some of the pain I have gone through.
      Be sure and let me know if I can be of any help to you!

  5. Tom,

    This is a great review, I know where I will not be investing my money. However I have invested in Wealthy Affiliate and I haven’t looked back since. You are promoting the best company to invest in on line! well done and keep up the good work! Naeem

    1. Greetings Naeem!
      I have to completely agree with you about Wealthy Affiliate. There is no other place that I am aware of that offers all the benefits of membership that you get there, that’s for sure.
      Regardless where my online business may take me, I will always value the Community and training I have received from Wealthy Affiliate!
      Best of luck to you in all that you do!

  6. Hi Tom!
    Thank you so much for exposing some of these scams. I have seen this website before and because there is no antivirus on the site, people risk getting viruses on their computers when they download the file. It’s just terrible 🙁 Anyways, I wish you all the best and keep up the good work, Tom.

    1. Hi David!
      Thank you for your comment regarding my ShareCash Review.

      Yes this is certainly one of the issues with ShareCash. Based on the information that I discovered, it seems that this site is used by some to distribute software for other than legitimate, and perhaps at times, illegal purposes. I cannot say definitively that ShareCash is complicent in this, but I am sure they know they have these problems associated with their site.

      My hope with this review is to help people to avoid these types of issues.
      Thank again for your comment.

  7. Great review i wish it was more people like you on the internet to expose these scams for what they really are. Nothing is fun about getting malware on your computer or having multiple pop-ups when your trying to view a site. Then the score an F with the BBB that right there is a sure no good site. I’m going to share this post on my social media sites to hopefully inform people on what this ShareCash is really about. Thank you and i hope you continue to expose the summers on the net.

    1. Greeting Healthguy33!

      Thank you very much for visiting ILoveWealthyAffiliate.Com, and for your comment regarding “ShareCash, Scam?”

      I have spent a ton of time and wasted a lot of money on useless scams, systems, programs, etc.. I’m happy to have the opportunity to share what I have learned about these things. There are a lot of people that are looking for a real opportunity to create a successful online business, and they can’t afford to be ripped off again. The least I can do is share what I have learned, and I hope that it helps someone avoid the pitfalls and find their path to prosperity!

      Thanks again for visiting and commenting! I look forward to chatting with you again!


  8. Yeah a lot of these ShareCash ‘torrents’ and zip files are full of viruses – they’ve been going for quite some time now but I feel their heyday is coming to an end!
    They used to make a killing off pirate copies of cinema movies in files but these streaming sites have steadily taken that away from them. A dodgy worthless online opportunity

    1. Hi Chris!

      Thanks for visiting and for your comments regarding ShareCash, Scam?

      Far too many people have fallen victim to scams like this. It makes it very difficult for people to find a legitimate opportunity. Wealthy Affiliate is a real opportunity to learn to use the tools of the internet to create a successful online business. It won’t happen overnight, but if people apply themselves and follow the training, they will create the foundation of an online business that will last them for years to come!

      I wish you great success and prosperity!


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