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Humans are social creatures by nature. It’s part of who we are. Regardless of our position in life, we have an innate desire to be part of a social group. The Wealthy Affiliate community provides all the things you might want and expect to have in a group that YOU would want to associate yourself with! Let me offer you some examples.

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Wealthy Affiliate Community is Friendly

I am not kidding! When I first signed up for my free trial membership to Wealthy Affiliate, I had no idea what I was really getting into. I had seen a few reviews where people had nothing but good things to say about Wealthy Affiliate.

I was looking to find a place where I could learn to create a successful online business. You know, make some money online to help with the bills.

I had built a few non-productive websites over the years, so I knew I needed to learn how to create something that would be better than I had ever done before. I needed some training. A hand up, but not a hand out.

Always leery about signing up for some online thing, (having been stung many times in the past,) but realizing that there had to be a better way.

I took the plunge!

Within minutes of signing up, I started receiving welcome messages from other members, and from Kyle, one of the owners of Wealthy Affiliate. I was really surprised! Everyone was so warm and welcoming. All of them offered their good wishes, and some offered to help if I had any questions.

This friendliness didn’t end in a few minutes or even a few hours. Still today I receive messages from people that I haven’t met that are following me, welcoming me, and offering their support.

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Wealthy Affiliate Community is Diverse

I’m not talking about today’s PC term diverse, although I’m sure that applies too. I’m talking about real diversity. People from all over the world! I now have friends in more countries than I could have ever imagined.

People from all walks of life. Different cultures, religions, social status, backgrounds, and experiences. It is really amazing to see such a diverse group of people that are all interested in the same things.

No matter where you come from, the Wealthy Affiliate Community will welcome you in!

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Wealthy Affiliate Community Is Huge

There are tens of thousands of ACTIVE members in the Wealthy Affiliate community. No matter what time of day or night, you will find tons of people online. Chatting in the live chat for example. You can always find someone there to talk to if you want to!

Wealthy Affiliate Community is Helpful

Anytime you find yourself with a problem the community is there for you. It might be a technical issue with your website, or maybe you are looking for a resource to use.

Maybe you just have a question, or might be suffering from writer’s block.Even when you might have a personal issue and just need a friend with an ear. 

You can find friendly, helpful people in the Wealthy Affiliate Community. It’s really one of the tenets Wealthy Affiliate is built on. People helping each other to succeed.

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Wealthy Affiliate Community is Kind

I have not been witness to, nor heard of harsh words or arguments between members.

That really says something if you ask me. In today’s tumultuous times, it is far too easy for people to lose their civility. But, in my experience, this is not the case at Wealthy Affiliate.

I certainly don’t believe that we all must agree on everything, but I do believe that you can disagree without being disagreeable, disrespectful, or disparaging.

That’s a lot of dis’s in that last statement. But I have not found any of those in the Wealthy Affiliate community.

If you have been looking for a way to:

  • Learn about building websites.
  • Start a successful online business.
  • Learn about marketing your existing product or business.
  • Make some extra money for bills, tuition, vacation, etc.
  • Work from home, or anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Find a group of successful people that can help you succeed

You should definitely try out the free membership at Wealthy Affiliate!

It’s quick and easy to join. Won’t cost you anything to try, you won’t even need to get your credit card out.

I know you will have a great time and make a whole bunch of new friends!


I will be happy to help you get started, and introduce you to some great people!

If you would like to learn more about Wealthy Affiliate, you can read my full review here.


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