Wealthy Affiliate Success

Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories

Let me share with you some real Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories!

While my personal story is “still in progress,” there are a large number of people just like you and me that have great success with Wealthy Affiliate! It really is exciting to see that by following the simple instructions and principles that are in the training videos anyone with the desire to build a successful online business can!

Look what AndreasS has done with the knowledge he learned at Wealthy Affiliate!
Nice work AndreasS!

Success 1


Excerpt from AngelBcn on her success:

FireShot Capture 26 - 6 months at WA today! How my life chan_ - https___my.wealthyaffiliate.com_an Success

View the entire post here.

Here is a screenshot from a post from Gabriel Ursan.

He is from Romania and works full time at a regular job. He became a member of Wealthy Affiliate in the later part of January 2015. One way you can make money online is by promoting Wealthy Affiliate. Gabriel posts this:

FireShot Capture 21 - My First Commission For Promoting WA_ - https___my.wealthyaffiliate.com_ur

Here is a Wealthy Affiliate Success story from Empire Jones, a member since 2013.
Wealthy Affiliate Success 1
Empire Jones Success

Here is a blog entry from Doug

He tells us about his more than $2000 earnings in November of 2015. Below this one you will see his blog entry from December of 2015 where he tells us that he did even better! Doug is an inspiration and I certainly believe he has created a successful online business with the information he has learned at Wealthy Affiliate!

FireShot Capture 10 - Made $2843.58 in December 2

Here is a link to a blog by DomW.

DomW is a member that walks you through his earnings over 3 years. You can see by the link that he is talking about from $0 to $10k (per month by the way) in only 3 years. I don’t know about you, but, I am definitely willing to put the time in if I could be earning anywhere near that in 3 years. How many years have you put in on your current job, or the one before that. Did it offer you the opportunity to earn that kind of money? Mine never have.



These are just a few examples of Wealthy Affiliate success stories. There are a whole lot more! Of course there are people that might not do as well, but some people can’t put french fries in a box. So obviously this might not be for everyone. I am convinced that it is for me. And probably for you too!

The examples above are from real people that you can communicate with! Real people! Not just some picture on a late night infomercial. They will even help you to be successful! That is the whole idea behind Wealthy Affiliate. Successful online entrepreneurs helping others to be successful too. A large community of like minded individuals striving for similar goals.

Wealthy Affiliate is NOT some MLM thing where you have an upline and/or a downline. You are NOT expected to recruit others to join. You can if you like, but there is no requirement. I want to help others to be successful if I can, and that is my motivation for sharing this information. Creating this site is a way for me to “pay it forward”. You will get a better idea of why I feel that way when you read my Wealthy Affiliate profile.

Don’t take my word for any of this.

You can experience it yourself. Make up your own mind. Investigate all you want to. Talk to the people with the examples above and lots of others. I suggest wholeheartedly that you do just that. That is exactly what I did before I made the decision that this really was what I wanted to do.

You too can be a Wealthy Affiliate Success Story! If you decide to take the free membership I will gladly help you anyway I can. Or, if you have any questions or comments, leave them here in the comment section and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

I wish you great success in your endeavors!

Tom     (Tw1=Member Name at Wealthy Affiliate)

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