What is Click4Surveys

It seems that there is an endless number of online money making opportunities. The challenge is trying to determine which are legitimate, worth your time and money, and which are just scams. I have seen a ton of these things over the years, and yes, I have wasted a lot of money on some of them. Today we will find out what is Click4Surveys. Which category will this “opportunity” fall into?

What is Click4Surveys 1

What is Click4Surveys

Review: Click4Surveys
Website: Click4Surveys.com
Name: Click4Surveys
Owners: Ricky Powers
Cost: Front End: $97 – downsell to $34 – down to $19
Rank: 00 out of 100

What is Click4Surveys – Overview

Click4Surveys is supposed to be an online system designed to connect people that would like to make money online by taking surveys with companies that are willing to pay you to do just that.

As a member you will have access to an “exclusive” database of survey sites. You will need to communicate directly with each of these survey sites independently.

It is highly unlikely that the survey companies are exclusive to Click4Surveys. In fact there is a Better Business Bureau complaint filed that indicates that one particular customer was very unhappy because he was already a member of many of the survey sites that Click4Surveys called exclusive.

Because this will create a ton of spammy emails, the first thing that Click4Surveys wants you to do after becoming a member is to create an email account specifically for your survey business.

What is Click4Surveys Capture 215 Click 4 Surveys email
Screenshot – Click to enlarge

The email address you register to the survey site with, will likely be shared with every conceivable internet marketer. Not just survey sites, but every kind of work at home, or make money on the internet opportunity.

When you go to click4surveys.com you will first see a video that includes testimonials from people that are so happy they have found and joined the program! They are thrilled that they can get paid just for giving their opinion.

What is Click4Surveys – Paid Testimonials

Unfortunately, this is where the red flags start.  The people offering their testimonials are all paid. Several of them can be found on fiverr.com offering their service to create “believeable” testimonials.

What is Click4Surveys Capture 217 - testimonial1

Here are a couple of examples.

This young lady says “if you have an opinion, you can get paid. Now I, for one, am a very opinionated person, so this has been the best program I have ever joined.”

What is Click4Surveys Capture 210 - Fiverr paid

Here is Stephanie’s ad from fiverr.com where you can hire her to read your script or demonstrate your product.

You can click here to see her fiverr.com page. She is quite popular on Fiverr and I am sure you will see her all over the place if you look.

In another example of these fake testimonials, George gives you some encouragement to join Click4Surveys claiming that “This is the real deal!”

What is Click4Surveys Capture 218 Click4Surveys george1

It’s too bad that I’m finding it more difficult to believe when I have discovered that George is really Chuck.

Chuck also is very popular on Fiverr.com. He will gladly make a video testimonial for you for as little as 5 dollars.

I don’t fault these folks for trying to earn a living. But I do think that this is evidence of deceptive advertising practices on the part of Click4Surveys.

This practice of paying people to create testimonials for a product is pervasive in this industry.

What is Click4Surveys Capture 219 Video Testimonials george2
Screenshot – click to see his Fiverr.com page

In my opinion it only makes it harder for the average person to discern a legitimate opportunity from a scam.

Further evidence of this paid testimonial situation is found on the Click4Surveys.com disclaimer page.

FTC disclosure: The persons found in the testimonials/ endorsements on this page have received monetary incentives to publish their opinions about Click4Surveys. These persons were part of an initial trial group that received free access to the Click4Surveys program along with monetary payment for voicing their opinion about their experiences.

Most people won’t look for or read this information.

What is Click4Surveys – Sales Letter From Fictitious Person Daniel Cooper

After, or while you are watching the video, if you scroll down the page you will see a letter. Supposedly from Daniel Cooper. It starts out like this.

What is Click4Surveys - Capture 222 Click4Surveys bs
Screenshot – Click for full website

Then he launches into your typical rags to riches story that most of these kinds of things use to pull at your heartstrings. If he can do it, you can too! Right?

A serious lack of information available online about Daniel Cooper leads me to believe that just like other websites by this same individual (Ricky Powers), Daniel Cooper is likely fictitious.

What is Click4Surveys – Better Business Bureau Review
What is Click4Surveys 212 Click4Surveys bbb
Screenshot Click image for full BBB report

It appears that the Click4Surveys.com domain was created in March of 2014.  Already they have earned a very poor rating from the Better Business Bureau.

You can click the image to the right for the full BBB review.


What is Click4Surveys – Site Ownership

According to the Better Business Bureau report Click4Surveys.com principle ownership is by Mr. Ricky Powers.

Mr. Ricky Powers is connected to, or owner of several other less than reputable websites. They would include FaceBeast.com, (see Facebeast review here) and, EZCashWorld.com. (Review Pending)

What is FaceBeast
Screenshot – click image for full review

Other defunct websites / domains associated with Ricky Powers include:

  • faceearn.com
  • tubelaunchtwo.com
  • justcauseitworks.com

It is not unusual to see that someone who is engaged in marketing products with little to no real value has to continuously reinvent their website and sales tactics.

If you look carefully at the sites that are currently in operation by Mr. Powers, you will see that they look very similar. In some cases, like their disclaimers for example, are nearly identical.

What is Click4Surveys – Pros and Cons


I try to be as fair as possible when I do these reviews. It is important to me to offer the best information I can gather when I look at these various programs. Even when I think a program is a scam, sometimes there are things of value that the newbie can use to their benefit.

In this particular case, the only potential benefit I can see would be the database of survey companies that you would have access to with Click4Surveys. The problem with this is that you can find, and join, all those companies yourself, and don’t need Click4Surveys as a middle man.


  • Fictitious testimonials.
  • Fictitious letter from “Daniel Cooper.”
  • Unrealistic earning potentials used to lure you in.
  • Very poor rating with the Better Business Bureau.
  • History of scammy websites by the owner Ricky Powers.

What is Click4Surveys – Who is it for

Click4Surveys is aimed at anyone that is trying to find a way to make money online without having to work at it.

It is possible to earn some money by doing online surveys, but, it really doesn’t pay very much. And, it takes a lot of time to do some of the surveys.

If you have a ton of time on your hands and would be happy with just a few dollars a day then taking surveys online might be a good fit for you.

What is Click4Surveys – Support

There is a support ticket style email system for questions or support. I could find no other method to contact anyone on their website.

What is Click4Surveys – Price

The price of membership at click for surveys varies depending on how quick you are to sign up.

Front End: $97 – downsell to $34 – down to $19

In this pricing model, the “Front End” cost of $97. Almost no one will pay this though because there is a coupon offered after you have put your email address in for 65% off. Entering the coupon code will let you purchase your membership to Click4Surveys for only $34.

If after seeing the clickbank purchase page you try to back out of the site you will get another offer of $15 towards the purchase price. This will make the membership cost only $19.

This type of pricing structure, and the associated sales tactic always indicates a problem for me. I don’t know of any other type of business that is willing to cut the price of their product from $97 to $19.

I’m now left thinking that the product likely isn’t even worth the $19

Then there is this:

What is Click4Surveys Capture 223 Click4Surveys gaurantee

For a lot of people this will be the clincher that gets them to break out the credit card and purchase. It seems like a rock solid guarantee.

But, there are several complaints at the Better Business Bureau that remain unanswered from people that are wanting a refund and haven’t gotten one. See the complaints here.

What is Click4Surveys – My Final Opinion

Based on the information presented in this review, I have to give Click4Surveys a rank of 00 out of 100. I would NOT recommend this company or any associated websites.

What is click4surveys scam image

What Is Click4Surveys –  at a Glance…

Review: Click4Surveys
Website: Click4Surveys.com
Name: Click4Surveys
Owners: Ricky Powers
Cost: Front End: $97 – downsell to $34 – down to $19
Rank: 00 out of 100


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  1. I can’t thank you enough for what you are currently doing with this website. There is literally millions of people online looking to make ends meet and millions of scams out there that are ready to take advantage of people’s situations. Your website offers clear and honest reviews so that people can weigh their options and get into their next venture knowing what to expect. Cheers to that!

    1. Greetings Deniero!

      Thank you very much for visiting ILoveWealthyAffiliate.com and for your comments regarding What is Click4Surveys!

      You are right about that! There are a lot of people out there looking for a legitimate way to earn some extra revenue online! This is exactly why I have created this site. It took me a long time to find something real that worked, and I feel compelled to help people avoid the pitfalls if I can.

      Anybody that is looking for a real online opportunity that is not some kind of scam should see this! It is my #1 most recommended program.

      Best of luck to you in all your endeavors!

      Please come back and engage with us anytime!


  2. I too have had bad experience in these so called “survey sites.” What I didn’t know about is that you could go to fiverr and hire people to do fake testimonials! Scammers have really upped their game!

    I also heard that legit survey sites don’t really pay you a lot, if you’re lucky enough to find one that is.

    Thanks for the review, I wonder what else can be found on fiverr?

    1. Hi Keoni!

      Thank you for visiting ILoveWealthyAffiliate.com and for your comments regarding What is Click4Surveys.

      I really appreciate your perspective on survey sites. I have tried a few different ones and have not found them to be very productive.

      In regards to what else can be found on Fiverr.com … If you have checked it out, you should. There are a ton of people there that offer their services doing all kinds of things for very reasonable prices.

      Thanks again for visiting! Please come back and engage with us anytime!


  3. Hi Tom! For so many people who are looking at making some extra cash online, you’re really helping them by exposing what’s legit and what’s not. It’s great how you’re yourself providing them with an alternative way to making money online with WA. I have joined myself and that was the best decision that I have ever made!

    Thank you for all that you do!


    1. Greetings Reyhana!

      Thankyou for visiting IloveWealthyAffiliate.com and for your comment regarding What is Click4Surveys.

      Having been through the wringer many times with various online “opportunities,” I felt compelled to create this site to try to help as many people as I can avoid the scams and less than legitimate websites out there. There are many ways to make money online that work, but, there are also a lot of people out there looking to take advantage of those that are seeking an opportunity.

      Congratulations on joining Wealthy Affiliate! I’m sure that you have found, like I did, that it is real education on how to create a successful online business! It is not a get rich quick scheme, and, it does take some effort, but, those that stick with it learn the skills needed to really be successful! I have a college education, but I have found the training at Wealthy Affiliate to be far more valuable in the real world.

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