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Hello online opportunity seekers! Today I am going to take a closer look at another opportunity that keeps popping up on my radar. I hope that you will find this information of assistance as you try to find out: What is FaceBeast.

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 What is FaceBeast – Review

Review: FaceBeast
Website: FaceBeast.com
Name: FaceBeast
Owners: William Moore (Ricky Powers)
Cost:  $97, drops to $34, down to $19
Upsells: $197, drops to $67, down to $37
Rank: 15 out of 100

What is FaceBeast – Overview

FaceBeast is an online training platform to designed to help the new internet marketer learn how to use ClickBank, and Facebook to generate revenue online.

They offer 4 modules of online training material that are designed to teach the student to capitalize on building a social network following. Then advertising ClickBank digital products to this group that should lead to purchases that will generate revenue in the form of commissions.

The training modules will provide the student with instruction in the following topics:

  • Introduction.
  • Overall Game Plan.
  • Creating Slogans.
  • Power of Colors.
  • Upgrade Logos.
  • Upgrade Graphics.
  • Demographics.
  • Active Groups.
  • Recruit Fans.
  • Engagements.
  • Outsource.
  • Video Intros.
  • Brand Trust.
  • and others.

This content could be of use to many people who are trying to improve their marketing position on Faceook. Other reviewers however, have indicated that they do NOT give you a step by step path to making money on Facebook.

What is FaceBeast – Red Flag Issues

During the research on what is FaceBeast, I have found a few things that cause some concern about the validity of the program and its creator.

What is FaceBeast – Sales Pitch is Vague

The sales pitch for Facebeast starts with a video showing supposed earnings from using the information you get when you sign up for Facebeast.

But, the sales pitch never really tells you what you will be doing, or what you will actually be buying when you pay the ticket price.

It’s like telling you all the wonderful things about the results of having a meal, without ever telling you what will be on your plate. Are you ready to order?

What is Facebeast – Fictitious, Paid Testimonials

The video features a number of individuals that say they “earn cash online” and all they have to do is something they have been doing for years.

These “testimonials” however, are from people that have been paid to provide the testimonial.

The evidence of this is in the site’s disclaimer that states:

“FTC disclosure: The persons found in the testimonials/ endorsements on this page have received monetary incentives to publish their opinions about FaceBeast. These persons were part of an initial trial group that received free access to the FaceBeast program along with monetary payment for voicing their opinion about their experiences.”

The persons in the testimonials can also be found on Fiverr.com soliciting their services to do such things as testimonials. Here are a couple of examples.

What is FaceBeast Cap FaceBeast Paid Testimonials

Both of these gentlemen can be found on Fiverr.com.

What is FaceBeast - lawrence

Here is Lawrence’s picture from his Fiverr page indicating that he will record a “Casual and Believable Testimonial” including writing the script for only $25.

I do not fault Lawrence for trying to earn a living, but, for me, it is questionable ethics for Facebeast and Lawrence to do this if they don’t believe in the product, or don’t have real results using it.

I’m just not comfortable with deception as a marketing tool. You can click on the image above to see Lawrence’s Fiverr web page.

What is FaceBeast Capture 207 godfather

In this next example this fellow calls himself GodFather. Once again, he is advertising that he will “create an amazing video testimonial in HD.”

He is willing to do his part to help separate you from your money for only $15.

I’m sure the guys at Facebeast were more than happy to pay him the $15 to have him make a disingenuous video testimonial.

Once again, in an effort to provide you with the real data, you can click on the GodFather’s image to see his fiverr page offering his services.

What is FaceBeast – Fictitious Person William Moore

I can find no real reference for Mr. William Moore. He is the supposed writer for the introduction letter / sales pitch you see when you go to FaceBeast.com.

Screenshot What is FaceBeast william moore

Researching the ownership of Facebeast.com is a bit difficult because they are using a domain registration proxy to keep their identity private.

What is facebeast domain info

The image to the right is the Icann Whois listing for FaceBeast.com

If you look carefully at all the web pages at FaceBeast.com you will see that they offer their address as:

470 Julius St.
Holland, MI, 49424
United States

Researching the above address indicates that there have been several different “online opportunities” emanating from this location. And that the contact at that address is Ricky Powers. I have red flagged Mr. Ricky Powers name because he has been tied to other less than reputable online companies and websites.

They include – tubelaunchtwo.com, click4surveys.com, and, ezcashworld.com.

Tubelaunchtwo.com seems to be out of service. Click4Surveys.com looks very much like the FaceBeast.com site. It looks like they are marketing a different product, but the overall site design looks nearly identical. I will be adding a review for the click4surveys.com site here in the future.

The same disclaimer that you see on the FaceBeast site is on the click4surveys.com site.  It is a safe bet that the same person is responsible for both sites.

What is FaceBeast – Better Business Bureau Report

There is currently no information about FaceBeast available at the Better Business Bureau. While this is not a negative, it is certainly not a positive.

As mentioned above another website registered to the same address and owner does have a F rating with the Better Business Bureau.

What is FaceBeast – Pros and Cons


  1. There is some information shared with you as a customer FaceBeast in the training modules that could be of use to you.
  2. Cost to join is low if you wait until they offer you the lowest pricing of $19 and $37 for the upsell opportunity once you are in.


  1. All of the RED FLAG issues as mentioned above would give me great concern about signing up with FaceBeast.
  2. The history of other sites that Mr. Ricky Powers has been involved with that one is defunct, and the other has poor reviews would also cause concern.

What is FaceBeast – Who is it for?

FaceBeast is aimed at anyone who is looking to make money online, and targeted particularly at Facebook users.

I believe that there is likely some educational information available in the training material, but, you can probably get that same education elsewhere, and perhaps for free if you know what you are looking for and how to find it.

What is FaceBeast –  Support

Facebeast has a support ticket style support page where you will fill in a form and then wait for an email response to your query. I have no statistics regarding the responsiveness of the organization to support requests.

What is FaceBeast – My Final Opinion

Like anything else you might want to purchase there are low, mid-grade, and high quality products. Online educational materials, programs and systems are no different. They too offer a variety of quality levels and prices.

I think that FaceBeast is of the lower quality, TV infomercial type of product. There is likely some information provided in the system that would be of use particularly to the entry level consumer of this type of product.

And, since it is relatively inexpensive, (if you wait for the price to go down before you buy) you can probably get your $19 dollars worth out of it.  I think I could get my $19 dollars worth in entertainment value alone.

But, I like looking at these kinds of things.

If you are going into this thinking that it will be “The Thing” that will make you tons of money and change your life, I think you will likely be disappointed.

I’m giving this one a rank of 15 out of 100, because it is very inexpensive to join, but only for beginners to online marketing, or those who might find the information entertaining to look at.

I think the likelihood of anyone achieving the level of success that they are selling is very, very thin.

Creating a successful online business is NOT an overnight venture. It takes some time and determination to be successful just like in any other business.

Anyone promising that you will be an overnight success, or all you have to do is click this button and you will be making thousands, is really just trying to make thousands from you by telling you which button to click.

Get rich quick schemes are just that, schemes. Not a method to long term success.

What is FaceBeast at a Glance…

Review: FaceBeast
Website: FaceBeast.com
Name: FaceBeast
Owners: William Moore (Ricky Powers)
Cost:  $97, drops to $34, down to $19
Upsells: $197, drops to $67, down to $37
Rank: 15 out of 100


I am calling this one as NOT LEGIT because I do not believe your results using FaceBeast.com will match the claims in the sales pitch.

You are probably looking for a legitimate online business opportunity. If so, then you will want to check out my #1 recommended product.


As always, I welcome your comments! If you have anything you would like to say regarding this review, or, if I can be of any assistance to you, please leave me a comment below.





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