What is Power Life Pro

In today’s health conscience world some of the best online business opportunities come in form of products that are designed to give you better health. Think of all the opportunities you have seen that revolve around dietary supplements. There are a ton of them. People are definitely looking to do whatever they can to be healthier and live longer. In this article I will show you one product that claims to offer a great business opportunity and put you on a path for better health! Let’s find out what is Power Life Pro!

What is Power Life Pro - Intro


What is Power Life Pro

Review: Power Life Pro
Website: Powerlifepro.com (by invitation only)
Name: Power Life Pro Marketing System (Kangen Water, Enagic Selling Team)
Owners: Adam Whiting
Cost: Price
Rank: 80 out of 100

What is Power Life Pro – Overview

Power Life Pro is a marketing system developed by Adam Whiting that is offered as a “business in a box.” It claims to have everything set up for you to be able to start your own home based business.

And, “if you act right now,” you will get some extra bonuses to ensure a quick start earning your first commission on the first day!

Sadly these kinds of claims happen all to often on these video presentations that we see on the internet, so it can be very difficult to determine the legitimacy of the product or system.

Power Life Pro is built to market a specific line of products from Enagic, a Japanese company that has opened sales offices in the United States.

Enagic builds and sells countertop water ionization products that produces what they call Kangen Water, a higher PH or alkaline water.

Kangen water is purported to have a positive impact on your health by helping to raise the PH level of your body.

These claims are somewhat controversial however as there is not a significant body of scientific evidence to show that drinking “alkaline” water is indeed any better for you than regular water.

Power Life Pro has seized an opportunity to market a product that many will surely see as important since our municipal water supplies are facing great problems with pollution.

Enagic has structured a compensation plan that resembles an MLM. You will receive commissions from sales that people you have brought into the plan may make as well as your own sales.

What is Power Life Pro - Compensation plan

What is Power Life Pro - WA1

What is Power Life Pro – Who is Adam Whiting
What is Power Life Pro - Adam Whiting

Adam Whiting is an entrepreneur that has been involved in a variety of online marketing methods for the past few years. Many of them, including Power Life Pro, have a basis in the MLM style marketing strategy.

What is Power Life Pro - AW has sold

One of Adam Whiting’s most recent internet opportunities was EZ Money Method, and EZ Money Method 2X.

It appears that both of these are now defunct and unavailable. They were 3 tiered affiliate marketing plans that would encourage people to sign up to things like GVO (Global Virtual  Opportunities), MyPCBackup, MCA, (Motorclub of America) and the Empower Network.

If you signed up with EZ Money Method you would be signing up through Adam Whiting’s portal so obviously he would receive commissions from your sign ups.

Now Adam has developed a system to promote the Enagic water machines. My research indicates that there are a significant number of people who are making money from this opportunity.

If that is true, then we can be sure that Adam is also doing very well. Anyone that joins Enagic as part of the Power Life Pro team will also be making commissions for Adam!

What is Power Life Pro – What do you get?
What is Power Life Pro - Total Package

You will have to purchase the Enagic Water Machine. They range in price from about $3000 to $5000. This is a significant investment for sure.

Once you have made your purchase of the water machine of your choice, you will have access to the “Power Life Pro Marketing System” for free.

What is Power Life Pro - why

They will provide you with the sales funnels, websites, follow up emails and some video training you will need to get started promoting the products.

You will also have access to the “secret lead generation tool” and some bonus training so you can learn to “Double Your Commissions.”

This is a value of almost $14,000 according to Adam, but you will only pay the price of the water machine of your choice. $2400 – $5000.

What is Power Life Pro – Who is Enagic
What is Power Life Pro 0 Enagic1

Enagic is a 40+ year old Japan based company that has been in the business of manufacturing and distributing quality water ionization systems.

Enagic USA, Inc is the US headquarters of Enagic located in Torrance, Ca. The company is a Better Business Bureau Accredited business with an A+ Rating.

Who is Power Life Pro - Enagic USA BBB
Screenshot – Click image to see full report

Currently they have 13 customer reviews on the BBB website, with only one of those being negative.

The company has had a number of complaints registered at the BBB and they appear to be responsive to the issues, although not all the customers were happy with the solutions.

What is Power Life Pro – Pros and Cons


  • Quality Product.
  • Quality Manufacturer.
  • Excellent Compensation Plan.
  • Product Manufacturer has Long Positive History.
  • No Charge for Power Life Pro Marketing System.
  • Active Facebook Community with more than 2400 Members.
  • Continuing Training.
  • Financing Available (WAC) for Equipment Purchase.
  • Quality Marketing Materials Available.


  • Power Life Pro Marketing System Only a Few Months Old.
  • Other Systems by Adam Whiting Have Mixed Reviews
  • High Cost of Equipment Required to Join Program.
  • MLM Style Business Model Not Liked by Some.
  • Shipping NOT Included in Equipment Purchase Price.
  • Scientific Evidence of Product Benefits Lacking.

What is Power Life Pro – Who is it for?

Power Life Pro is marketed to anyone that is looking to start a online business.

If you are able to afford the start up cost of purchasing an Enagic water machine and shipping, then you have an opportunity to market a product that can earn you a significant return.

What is Power Life Pro - Who is it for

As with any opportunity of this nature there will be more work and effort needed than most people will be aware of right away. But, I do think that if you have a quality product and the desire and drive to work hard, you can be successful.

What is Power Life Pro – Tools and Training

When you sign up with Power Life Pro you will receive:

What is Power Life Pro - TandT

I have found that there are also frequent training conference calls that you can be a part of to get continuing training and tips on how to market your products better.

What is Power Life Pro – Support

Power Life Pro offers support through a Zendesk online support ticket system.

What is Power Life Pro - support1
Screenshot – Click the image to see the page

A short FAQ is provided there for answers to the most basic questions.

Learn to Create a Successful Online Business – Start for FREE!

What is Power Life Pro – Pricing

Power Life Pro pricing is dependant on the model of Enagic water machine you select. They range in price from about $2400 to $5000 plus shipping.

If you want to be able to earn the bigger commissions, you have to purchase the more expensive machine.

As far as I can tell there are no other costs for the Power Life Pro marketing system.

Enagic has finance partner that may be able to offer you financing on your new water system purchase.

What is Power Life Pro – My Final Opinion

Power Life Pro is ranking pretty high on my list of opportunities! There is evidence that people are making a significant income with Power Life Pro.

The video presentation for Power Life Pro while very long, is also very good at explaining the opportunity and the product.

I also believe that the timing is right for the Enagic water machine to be very successful and having a good team to assist the new internet marketer learn how to market this product can be very beneficial.

The only real downside for me on this one is the high cost of the machine. At a minimum of $2400, financed or not, this will be a tough one for many potential customers.

I rank Power Life Pro at a solid 80 out of 100

What is Power Life Pro – At a Glance

What is Power Life Pro - PLP logo

Review: Power Life Pro
Website: Powerlifepro.com (by invitation only)
Name: Power Life Pro Marketing System (Kangen Water, Enagic Selling Team)
Owners: Adam Whiting
Cost: Price
Rank: 80 out of 100

What is Power Life Pro – VERDICT: LEGIT


Author’s Note:profile1

I would be very interested in your comments, questions, or any experience you would care to share about Power Life Pro or the Enagic water machines. Please leave me a note in the comment section below.

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  2. First time hearing about Power Life Pro. It does come across like an MLM scheme though. Anyways, it’s a good review with plenty of information about the product and it’s nice to hear your opinion on the product. Keep it up and write more great reviews. Any thought on what you’re going to review next?

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  3. Thank you for the interesting information about the Power Live Pro, which I never heard about before. The product had good reviews but the cost is definitely high. Wouldn’t be something that I could get involved with at this time but I really appreciate the information. I value the knowledge of different opportunities out there.

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