What Is Share A Sale – Shareasale Affiliate Network

Do you have a blog or website and you would like to be able to earn some revenue for your great content?  Are you an online store owner or merchant and would like to sell more products? If you can answer yes to either of these questions, then you really need to find a good affiliate network to help you out. In this review we will answer the question, What is Share a Sale – Shareasale Affiliate Network. Is it right for you?

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What is Share A Sale – ShareASale Affiliate Network – Review

Review: ShareASale
Website: shareasale.com
Owners: Brian Littleton, CEO/President
Cost: Free for Affiliates / $650 to start as a merchant
Rank: 100 out of 100

What is Share A Sale – ShareASale Affiliate Network – Overview

Share A Sale – know better as ShareaSale or shareasale.com is an affiliate marketing network for webmasters.

Whether you are an online store owner, manufacturer with a website, or a blogger you can probably use the services of shareasale.

Shareasale describes themselves as a pay-per-sale, pay-per-lead, pay-per-click program provider for webmasters.

It is one of the oldest online affiliate marketing networks out there. This is truly a testament to a well run organization these days. Started in April of 2000, they have been in business now for 16 years.

Shareasale consistently gets great reviews as there program is appreciated by both affiliate marketers and online sellers.

What is Share A Sale  – ShareASale For Affiliates

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If you want to become an affiliate, sign up is easy! Just go HERE and fill in your details. When you have been approved the fun begins!

You will have access to thousands of merchants that want you to help them sell their products! All of them offering a commission for your efforts.

Each merchant has their own rules regarding how you can advertise their products, so be sure and read their terms carefully. Each merchant also sets their commision rate and structure.

Merchants will provide you with banners and links that you can use to promote the products. When someone clicks on one of these, it is automatically logged with shareasale to ensure you are properly credited for your sale should the customer make a purchase.

When someone clicks through from your website to the merchant’s site they will be given a cookie in their browser that will ensure that you are credited for any purchase they make for a given period of time.

That period is determined by the merchant and can range from a few weeks to a few months or perhaps more.

This is a great way for you, the webmaster, to be able to offer products that your readers will enjoy and earn a commission in the process.

What is Share A Sale – ShareASale for Merchants

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If you are an online merchant and are looking for a great way to get more people to see your products or services, ShareASale is for you! You can start by requesting a merchant account HERE.

The Client Services department at ShareASale will provide you with personalized assistance to help you get started!

They offer great training that starts in your Welcome Kit, with a detailed 4 week program checklist. There are monthly training webinars as well as focused topic training webinars.

They even will provide you with a complimentary report that will look at key features of a well managed affiliate program to identify areas that could use more attention.

ShareASale will provide the following services with your merchant membership:

  • Paying of Affiliates who generate sales
  • Prescreening of Affiliates
  • Affiliate Help Desk
  • Merchant Services
  • Ad Serving – ShareASale serves your banners, buttons, and text links.
  • DataFeed Upload
  • Merchant API

All of these things let you concentrate on your business while ShareASale manages your affiliate network!

What is Share A Sale – ShareASale Better Business Bureau Report
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Click image above for full BBB Review

I’m always very happy when I’m doing a review and learn great things about a company, and ShareASale is right up there with the best!

There have been zero complaints to the Better Business Bureau about ShareASale in the past three years (that is all the data that is available). Not one. This is truly an accomplishment and to me is one of the highest possible recommendations any company could achieve. It is very easy for people to complain these days and the fact that there are no complaints for at least three years is outstanding.

What is Share A Sale – ShareASale Pros and Cons


  • Family Owned and Operated Since 2000
  • Zero Complaints at BBB for last 3+ years
  • Excellent Reputation in the Industry
  • Great Selection of Merchants Offering Products for Affiliates
  • Fantastic Program for Merchants Looking to Find Affiliates


About the only negative I can come up with for ShareASale is that if you are an affiliate, there are so many merchants to go through it can be a little daunting.

They do have a good search interface that is very helpful, but there are still just so many merchants in the system it can be hard to choose.

What is Share A Sale – ShareASale Tools and Training

ShareASale provides training for both affiliates and merchants! They want you to be successful! There are training classes, webinars, a blog, and newsletters available to all members to help you learn to be successful with ShareASale.

What is Share A Sale – ShareASale Support

ShareASale offers live phone support as well as an online knowledge base and a support ticket system if you are in need of tech support.

What Is Share A Sale – ShareASale  Pricing

Affiliates – Free – There is no cost to join ShareASale, and as a matter of fact the rewards are pretty darned good! You can earn great commissions by advertising products from a wide variety of online merchants!

Merchants – There is a $550 setup fee to become a merchant and have access to thousands of affiliates. They also require a minimum $100 deposit to pay the affiliates for their successful efforts sending you customers. A total of $650 to get started as a merchant. You can get the full scoop on how this works by going HERE. Then click Merchant Join Here.

What is Share A Sale – ShareASale – My Final Opinion

I absolutely recommend ShareASale for anyone searching for an affiliate network. Whether you are an affiliate marketer with a website or blog, or you are an online merchant looking for more customers, ShareASale is a well established, quality run company that can provide great service for you!

ShareASale At a Glance…

Review: ShareASale
Website: shareasale.com
Owners: Brian Littleton, CEO/President
Cost: Free for Affiliates / $650 to start as a merchant
Rank: 100 out of 100


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