What is the Empower Network Scam?

I have been seeing a lot of information lately about David Wood’s Empower Network. It seems to be a huge MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) organization. They have a very large membership. In this article we will explore what is the Empower Network Scam.

What is the empower network scam logoWhat is the empower network scam image

Disclaimer – I am not now, nor have I ever been, a member of the Empower Network. I am not affiliated with any of their products or services. This review is based on publicly available information on the products, services, and ownership of the company.

What is the Empower Network Scam

Review: Empower Network
Website: www.empowernetwork.com
Name: Empower Network
Owners: David Wood, David Sharpe
Cost: $25 – $5000
Rank 00 out of 100

Overview  – What is the Empower Network Scam

Owned by David Wood, and David Sharpe, the Empower Network is a MLM marketing platform based around several products. Basically, you purchase the products, then create a website/blog and attempt recruit other people to sign up to purchase the products and create a website/blog to recruit others to purchase the products and…..

I’m sure you get the idea.

Here are some of their main offerings.

What is the empower network scam kalatu

What is the Empower Network Scam – Kalatu Blogging System $25 per month

Kalatu is a WordPress blogging interface. They call this their “Flagship” product for the Empower Network. It is $25 per month for the entry level product and $72 per month for the premium product.

Here is a screenshot of “what you get” with the basic Kalatu membership.

Capture 159 What is the Empower Network Scam Join Kalatu What you get

I could pick a few bones with this sales material.

  1. “Done For You Blogging System”- Pre-built, replicated content will NOT rank on the search engines. You need to have original content on your website for it to work for the long term.
  2.  “Start driving traffic and generating leads as soon as I place my order below!” – Nothing ever really happens this fast, except, that when you place your order as suggested, you have become the lead for the next product in the upsell chain.
  3. “you can even re-blog other people’s content on YOUR Blog” – Please see item #1 above.  I am very surprised to see that they would actually use this as a marketing method. Replicated content will NOT rank.
 What is the Empower Network Scam -Kalatu Premium ($72 per month)  Additional Features

Kalatu Premium has the same features as Kalatu, plus the following:

  • Premium Themes
  • Premium Plugins to Assist You in SEO , Syndication And Ranking
  • Live Blog Q & A Every Week
  • 10 Blogs with Your Membership (instead of 3)
  • 7 Minute Blog Hacks To Help You Become a Master Blogger
  • Affiliate Fee is INCLUDED And Has a BONUS Compensation Plan

These “added value” items here are in my opinion not what they are cracked up to be.

There are thousands of WordPress themes available. It is true that some of them would be considered premium as you have to purchase them. When you purchase a theme, the money goes to the creator of the theme for their work in developing the theme. But, it is usually a one time purchase, not an ongoing monthly expense.

“Premium Plugins” – The same thing goes for WordPress plugins as for themes. There are over 40,000 available today. And, there are many very good free ones, that will do a fantastic job of helping you with your SEO (search engine optimization) tasks.

“10 Blogs with Your Membership (instead of 3) – I suppose there is some value in having more of something. 10 definitely sounds better than just 3. But, I know a place where you can get even more, and you will never pay $72 per month for them! (see my recommendation at the bottom of the page.)

What is the Empower Network Scam – Inner Circle $100 per month

The Inner Circle ($100) per month subscription to an audio course that will feature stories of other “successful” Empower Network members.

What is the empower network scam inner circle

what is the empower network scam inner fea

Mindset Training – Brainwashing?

People are very susceptible to scam when they are under stress. In this case I’m referring to financial stress. Sometimes people get involved in things like the Empower Network as a kind of hail Mary pass for their financial future. They might make very rash decisions that could put their family in financial distress.

Many years ago I was a member of “Network Marketing.” Back then this was a code word for Amway. Perhaps one of the most successful MLM schemes.

I was told that if I wanted to be successful, I had to attend the weekly meetings with the upline. These were basically rah rah sessions designed to get you all pumped up about calling on your friends and neighbors to get involved.

We can be very strongly influenced by what we listen to. Particularly if the message is repeated over and over. What might seem like “affirmations” to some people, might be considered brainwashing by others.

Cults use these same techniques!

While researching this product I watched a video from a prior member of the Empower Network. This prior member said that in one of the later training modules he was instructed “not to feel bad” about taking someone’s money. Even if it put that person in a bad financial situation.

Training people to “not feel bad” about profiting from their demise is disturbing to me. When I say “their demise” I am referring to the actual data about what people earn with Empower Network. I will show you the data later in this article.

What is the Empower Network Scam – Top Producer Formula $500

The Top Producer Formula is a $500  downloadable handbook that supposedly gives you 5 secrets from “a top earner.” Thank goodness this is a one time purchase.

What is the Empower Network Scam tpf

What is the empower network scam tpf prod

There are 13 modules in the top producer formula. All designed to help you learn to get people to commit to joining the Empower Network and going “All-In.”

All-In is a phrase used in the Empower Network to describe someone who has purchased all available Empower Network products and services.

1. Sponsoring & Selling
2. Beliefs and Attitudes
3. Lead Capture Pages
4. Mechanics and Strategy
5. Rapport, Responsiveness, & Relationships
6. Generating Highly Targeted Leads
7. Closing and Signing People Up on the Phone
8. Upselling
9. Presentation Formula
10. Live Internet Recruiting Sales Strategy
11. Live Local Event Recruiting Sales Strategy
12. Creating Live Groups
13. Painting a Vision for the Future


What is the Empower Network Scam – Team Building Formula $1000

The Team Building Formula, Elite Coaching, is about teaching you to upsell the downline you have built the higher priced products.

What is the empower network Scam TBF1

What is the empower network scam tbf prod

As you can see, the price of success with the Empower Network is going up! This one time purchase costs $1000.

I hope before you start laying out this kind of cash you have been making some money from the program. But, as you will see in the affiliate income chart further down this page it is NOT likely.

This product has the following modules:

1. Your Outcome, Teaching System and Expectations
2. Core Concepts You Must Understand To Build This Business
3. Team Building Principles – Part 1 – Law of Duplication
4. Team Building Principles – Part 2
5. Team Building Principles – Part 3 – Laws of Momentum & Tap Root
6. Team Building Principles – Part 4 – Laws of Belief & Dream Building & Vision
7. Your Team Activity System
8. Team Building Formulas
9. Q&A – How to Solve Any Problems Using the Team Building Formula

I am sure that there is some good information contained in all this training. I hope for those that buy into this program that they can find a way to use this information to promote real products and services. Perhaps be a true benefit to their customers and society as a whole.

That’s how they could have real success. Just selling people on a system to sell people on a system is not really productive and will eventually burn out like most of these types of things do.

What is the Empower Network Scam – Mass Influence Formula $3500

What is the Empower Network Scam MIF

What is the Empower Network Scam MIF prod

If you thought the last upsell was expensive, you haven’t seen anything yet! This one will cost you $3500 for a one time purchase.

Here are the modules of the Mass Influence Formula.

1.Get Attention
2.Get Rapport
3.Get Credibility
4.Target a Problem
5.Explain a Solution
6.Set Expectations
7.Describe Benefits
8.Provide Social Proof
9.Create an Irresistible Offer
10.Use Urgency/Scarcity
11.Give Risk Reversal
12.Deliver a Call to Action

An “All In” buyer now will have $5000 invested in one time purchases. Plus $100 per month for the inner circle. Plus $72 Dollars per month for the Kalatu Premium.

That would bring your first year expenses to about $7064.00 for the Empower Network if you were “All-In.”

If you had any other expenses to operate your business it would be on top of that.

Perhaps to some people that is not a lot of money, but, I can tell you that you can certainly get a lot of what these products have to offer for a lot less, and in some cases free or nearly free.

What is the Empower Network Scam – Income Disclosure

This program is all about selling a dream. I believe it is a good thing to set some goals for yourself and your online business. I think affiliate marketing is a great opportunity for anyone to create a successful online business.

But, it won’t come overnight, and regardless of what kind of business you want to start, it is going to take time, determination, and great effort to be successful.

Now let’s take a look at the income disclosure statement for Empower Network.

What is the empower network scam income

This data is current through March 2016. As you can see, 92% of ALL Affiliates have an average ANNUAL (yearly) income of $55.00 from Empower Network.

If you are looking to make about $42,000 per year, you will be in the top 2% of ACTIVE members. Less than 1% of ALL affiliates will make this goal.

Based on these numbers, this really looks like an exceptional opportunity! An exceptional opportunity to lose your investment!

If the owners of Empower Network were being honest, when they are pitching to the large crowd at one of their events, they would tell them that “less than 2% of you folks out there have a chance at making any decent money doing this. Now, who wants to give me $5000?”


What is the Empower Network Scam – They have unlimited rights to the content you create

If you are serious about having an online business you will be creating fresh original content. That is what will get your site to rank in google and other search engines.

It is also what will make your site attractive to the people you seek to do business with. A stale, unchanging website will not get ranked, it will not draw visitors, and will have no engagement.

The content you create is your intellectual property! Unless you are doing it with the Empower Network. Take a look at this excerpt from their terms of service that you agree to when you join.


User Content means all content created by you, which includes but is not limited to audio, video, images, photographs, logos, illustrations, animations, tools, written posts, comments, data, text, software, graphics, scripts, themes, and/or interactive features.

Keep in mind that once you post something on a blog thereby making it available on the Internet and to the public, it may be practically impossible to take down all copies of it.

By posting, downloading, displaying, performing, transmitting, or otherwise distributing any of the above forms of information or other content to the Site or Service, you are granting us, a transferrable, nonexclusive license (including the right to sub-license license), perpetual, irrevocable, worldwide and royalty free to use, possess, copy, transmit, publicly display, distribute, sell, host, store, cache, disclose, perform, modify, edit, translate, reformat, import, export and prepare derivative works of such User Content through multiple tiers of distribution in any and all media now known or hereafter invented (including, without limitation, the right to conform it to the requirement of any networks, devices, services, or media through which the Site or Services are available). 

No compensation will be paid with respect to the use of your User Content as provided herein. We are under no obligation to post or use any User Content you may provide and may remove User Content at any time in our sole discretion. You agree that Company may publish or otherwise disclose your name in connection with your User Content.

By posting User Content on the Site or Service, you warrant and represent that you own the rights to the User Content or are otherwise authorize to post, distribute, display, perform, transmit, or otherwise distribute User Content.

Be sure to note that by using their site or service you are granting them the rights to use and utilize your content without any compensation.

What is the Empower Network Scam – Better Business Bureau  ALERT

what is the empower network scam bbb

Currently the BBB gives the Empower Network a B+ rating. They are able to maintain this high rating because they do respond to complaints from the consumers at the BBB.  You can view the full report and read the complaints here.

What is the Empower Network Scam bbb alert

Here is the text of the BBB Alert. I find it very amusing that the BBB is receiving complaints, and sees a pattern.

But, Empower Network “does not believe that it has a pattern of complaints.”

This must be because of some of that great “Mindset Training” we saw earlier.

“It’s not a lie, if you believe it’s true”..  Right?

What is the Empower Network Scam – Pros and Cons


  1. Because the Empower Network has been successful online for so long, it is clear that they do know something about internet marketing. As a result, if you could get your hands on the information for the right price, you could probably learn quite a bit. But questionable ethics may make the information useless.
  2. Having a network of like minded entrepreneurs can be very helpful. You have people to talk to about your questions or issues. It can take a long time using trial and error to figure out what works.


  1. Cost – The Empower Network is NOT for someone on a budget.
  2. MLM  – Multi-Level Marketing is NOT for everyone.
  3. Loss of Your Intellectual Property Rights.
  4. Questionable Ethics in the Sales Process.
  5. Potential Cult Like “Mindset Training.”
  6. Large Number of BBB Complaints.
  7. More Hype than Product.

What is the Empower Network Scam – Who is it For

Empower Network is aimed at anyone interested in making money online. It’s not for everyone though due to the cons listed above.

I see this as selling a dream in order to sell the membership and the high priced products. There is little real value in my opinion.

What is the Empower Network Scam – Is There Support?

If you ask anyone that is in the Empower Network they will say that there is plenty of support from their upline. There is also an FAQ available on the website.

If you ask any of the people that wrote complaints about Empower Network to the BBB, they will probably say they didn’t get satisfactory support until after filing a formal complaint.

The Owner, David Wood teaches his students at events and through video and audio files available to members who have paid the price for the membership to those products.

What is the Empower Network Scam – Pricing

1. Kalatu Basic – $25/month
2. Kalatu Premium – $72/month
3. Media Hosting – $25/month – to have video on your website
4. Inner Circle – $100/month

Plus the one time product purchases:

  1. Top Producer Formula – $500
  2. Team Building Formula – $1000
  3. Mass Influence Formula – $3500

“Additionally, if you have chosen to join the optional Affiliate Program the monthly administrative fee is $19.95/month. The Affiliate Program is not a product, but rather part of the administrative process. The Affiliate Program allows an affiliate to sell products and earn commissions based on the Empower Network Compensation Plan. Additionally, it gives the affiliate access to tools, marketing data, etc. and supplies the E-wallet in-house merchant without additional fees. The monthly fee is non-refundable outside of the refund time frame established by the Refund Policy (See Section 2 of this document). The monthly recurring fee will be charged every 30 days, until canceled by you. Company reserves the right to change the membership fee from time to time.”

What is the Empower Network Scam – My Final Opinion

With a very alluring sales pitch, a rags to riches story, David Wood and David Sharpe sell you a dream that very, very, few people who sign up will ever achieve.

By their own statistics less than 1% of their affiliates ever achieve the success they are trying to sell you. As is the case with most MLM type programs.

It’s easy for the few at the top to show you how successful they are because they have done that at the expense of the countless thousands that have paid the money and found little or no results.

If these people really cared about helping their customers be successful they would likely have a much better success ratio.  In any other business if you had a failure rate of 99% you would quickly go out of  business.

But somehow this scam lives on. Selling a dream to people that can very likely not afford the price of the ticket to see the show.

My final verdict is NOT LEGIT.

Stay away from this one unless you have plenty of money to lose.

What is the Empower Network Scam – at a Glance…

Website: www.empowernetwork.comwhat is the empower network scam scam
Name: Empower Network
Owners: David Wood, David Sharpe
Cost: $25 – $5000
Rank: 00 out of 100


You CAN Start a Successful Online Business!

Looking for an online business opportunity can be very challenging. I know, I have been there many times.

Just like you, I have searched over and over looking for an opportunity, or information on how to start a successful online business. In fact what eventually led me to a real, no scam opportunity, was a review of another product very similar to the one above.

I found something that looked promising, but before I pulled the trigger and signed up I did some research and read some reviews about that product.

Thank goodness I did! What I learned is that the product I was researching was a scam. Once again, I nearly fell victim to someone that just wanted my money.

The last review I read was done by a very successful online entrepreneur named Jay. I didn’t know how successful he really was at the time, but, he ended his review by offering an opportunity to see his #1 recommended product for people that were wanting to start an online business.

I read the suggested product review. Even though I was still skeptical and did some more research, eventually I decided to give that product a try.


There was a free 7 day trial that gave full access to the website! No credit card needed! I was shocked because everything else I had been researching required a purchase up front. Sure they offered a refund, but you know how it is, once they have your credit card it can be a hassle to get your money back.

In this case however, I didn’t even have to enter my credit card info to try the system out! Wow!

Here is your chance at that same opportunity!

You can click the banner below and get your FREE Membership! If you like the website, and I’m sure you will, you can become a premium member for only $47 per month. I did!

What is the empower network scam WA banner1
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If you would like to learn more about Wealthy Affiliate you can read my review here.

I hope you will decide to take a really good look at the opportunity you are seeing here. I’m sure you will be quite impressed and this is a real chance for you to get what you have been searching for.

If you find you need any additional help, just leave me a message below and I will be happy to help anyway I can.

I wish you great success and prosperity!


14 thoughts on “What is the Empower Network Scam?”

  1. Empower Network is certainly a no win situation – except for the owners.
    Sure, $25 sounds great! But, your right, once a member it’s upsell after upsell. Plus the whole system is setup for recruit, recruit, recuit…rather than provide quality information or content. $3500 for an online course? Ouch.
    I hope alot of poeple see this and decide on a better course of action.
    Thank you for sharing!

    1. Greetings MC,

      Thanks for visiting ILoveWealthyAffiliate.com and commenting on What is the Empower Network Scam!

      It is clearly evident that anyone the falls for the dream they are selling will most likely lose their money. Their own numbers tell the story.

      Good luck in your endeavors!


  2. Crazy crazy crazy – Up-sells, sell-ups, sell-arounds. The marketing strategy of scammers. I have come to recognize them after falling victim to many. The sad thing is that for most new comers, they waste months and tons of money before coming to the realization that they are spinning their wheels. The problem with Empower network in my opinion is that it is driven by greed. David Wood could definitely offer better training like Kyle and Carson of Wealthy Affiliate do, rather, he is focused on maximizing his own earnings. Thanks for bringing such scammers to the light!

    1. Hi Mimi!

      Thank you for visiting ILoveWealthyAffiliate.com and commenting on What is the Empower Network Scam.

      It truly saddens me that so many people have and will fall victim to these kinds of things. I have made the choice to get involved in things like this before only to waste my money and my time.

      This is why I have create this website. I hope to be able to help people avoid these things if I can.

      All the best to you!


  3. Wow! Very thorough review! There are people who swear by MLM, and even quote some Harvard Business School paper about it, but I always think “scam” when someone tries to pull me in.

    The first time I got pulled into a brainwashing session, I will admit I got caught up and excited about it. The more I got into it, the more I realized that it wasn’t for me. In addition to buying all of the products, they also wanted me to buy the sales forms, receipts, etc. As a young college student at the time, that was money I could not afford to spend. But what finally turned me away was when they called me in to watch a brainwashing video, with the intent to get me to buy right after watching it. It was a video about people from different lifestyles (a couple who were rocket scientists, a finincial analyst, a single mom, etc.) and how they made all kinds of money. But throughout the video, not once did they mention talking about the product, referencing the company’s name, etc., so it was a purely generic MLM video!

    Anyway, great review, and glad that you’re able to cut through the BS and explain it so clearly!

    1. Hello Michael!

      Thank you for visiting ILoveWealthyAffiliate.com and commenting on What is the Empower Network Scam.

      I know exactly what you are talking about with the brainwashing session. I have been exposed to similar schemes. When it winds up being about recruiting more people to sing in the choir, so to speak, than selling quality products or learning how to do quality marketing, then it has crossed over to being cult like instead of business like.

      Thanks for your engaging comment! Please come visit again.


  4. Hello Tom,
    a few days ago I paid for my second month on WA Premium. Until now I can say that this platform is a very good one, and I look forward to the trainings ahead. I have read this review and have a question: Do you know, what Rapport, Responsiveness, & Relationships
    means? It seems that the Empower Company is really a big scam and I think it is quite logical that you are in the end of the post pointing towards Wealthy Affiliate. Would you recommend to join the affiliate bootcamp on WA or do you think there is already to much competition?
    Thanks a lot,

    1. Greetings Fabi,

      Thank you for visiting ILoveWealthyAffiliate.com and commenting on What is the Empower Network Scam.

      Welcome to WA! I am sure that you will find great value in your membership at WA. It is an awesome community of online entrepreneurs with great training in how to start and operate your online business.

      You asked if I know what Rapport, Responsiveness, and Relationships means.

      In the context of the article this is a module in the training for Empower Network. The idea in the training is to foster relationships with your customers. To be friendly and connect with them on a personal level. To be responsive to their questions or needs.

      The purpose of this in the Empower Network is to use the relationship you develop with you “customers” to push them, or convince them to purchase the high priced upsells.

      To me this is a schemey way of marketing. It is not however, uncommon. These types of principles are taught frequently in the MLM industry.

      You also asked if I would recommend the Affiliate Bootcamp in Wealthy Affiliate. I absolutely would, particularly if you are having a hard time determining your own niche.

      The instruction in the affiliate bootcamp at WA will guide you through the steps you need to take to set up a productive WA affiliate site. This is an excellent way to learn how to create you own niche site when you are ready as well.

      Please let me know if you have any other questions or if I can be of any help in your journey.


  5. My husband and I joined Empower Network a couple of years ago. We posted a blog every single day, just as instructed. And never got anywhere with it. It is just upsell after upsell. The marketing training on each level is out of date and most of it is really just hype. Empower Network is for those who are good at sales and have no business ethics.

    If you do join Empower Network and decide to quit – delete all your blog posts and photos BEFORE quitting. Otherwise, your Empower Network blog will be out there on the internet. Empower Network won’t take down the ex-member’s sites. My husband and I deleted all our blog posts before quitting. We do have business ethics and don’t support a program in which the training is superficial, full of hype, upsell after upsell and basically useless.

    1. Hello Beth!

      Very nice to meet you!
      Thank you very much for visiting IloveWealthyAffiliate.com, and for your comment regarding “What is the Empower Network Scam?”

      You are one of many people that have been taken advantage of by Empower Network. I hope that people will see your personal story here and know to steer clear of the Empower Network.

      Your comment about their business ethics is exactly how I feel about most MLM type businesses. Its more about selling the dream than anything else.

      Thank you again for visiting. If I can ever be of any assistance to you, please let me know.

    1. Hi Sandy!

      Thank you very much for visiting ILoveWealthyAffiliate.com and for your comment regarding “What is the Empower Network Scam?”

      I really appreciate that you are relating your personal experience with Empower Network. Hopefully we can keep others from falling victim to the same trap.
      If I can ever be of any assistance to you, please let me know.


  6. Empower Network is a tough one. I spent a 1 1/2 years trying. I have had much better success with Wealthy Affiliate for sure and I can sleep at night. For anyone who has watched the Empower Network Video for new people will get this… Hilarious Empower Network Spoof making fun of Dave and Dave the Masterminds behind the Scam http://www.prosperpursuit.com/empower-network-review/ Its not really a review just the youtube vid, Trust me you’ll laugh.

    1. Hi Mike!

      Thanks for visiting ILoveWealthyAffiliate.com and for your comment regarding “What is the Empower Network.”

      Thank you for sharing a brief line or two about your personal experience with Empower Network. The number of people that are successful vs those that are not are truly a red flag for people if they take the time to learn about it. Sadly far too many people do not find out until it is too late and they have already wasted their money.

      I found the video you posted to be pretty funny. Not too far off from the actual presentation.. LoL !

      Thanks for visiting! I look forward to chatting with you again soon!


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