What is Traffic Authority

What is Traffic Authority? Traffic Authority is a website, a DBA of a company in Florida, that according to their video on their website is your “complete traffic solution.”  Does it work? Are there any potential issues? Read this report to get the complete story BEFORE you sign up!

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Disclaimer – I am not now, nor have I ever been a customer or client of Traffic Authority. This review is based on information that is available publicly about the company, it’s products, services, and ownership.

What is Traffic Authority?

Review: Traffic Authority
Website: www.trafficauthority.net
Name: Traffic Store, Traffic Optimizer, Traffic Academy
Owners: Gregory P Chambers, John C Stalvey, Douglas M Wellens
Cost: $20 – $8397
Rank: 00 out of 100

What is Traffic Authority – Overview

Traffic Authority is an MLM Membership site that offers what they say is  “quality traffic” for your website. They are really in the business of selling memberships to their website and signing on resellers to sell their traffic packages.

There are a ton of ways you can wind up at trafficauthority.net. You will see their sales campaigns on FaceBook, Twitter, Google, etc.

One way you might come across Traffic Authority would be through a website or campaign called “Push Button Profits”. This sales campaign claims to be by invitation only.

If you get the invitation, or find a website with a link to it, you will be shown a lengthy video of a whole bunch of people that claim to be making money with the Push Button Profit system.

The pitch tells you that you only have to push the green button and you will start making money. Since there are so many people out here today that want something for nothing, they probably get a lot of clicks to that point.

After you click the green button you will be taken to TrafficAuthority.net.

Screenshot:What is Traffic Authority 1

Notice here is another green button for you to click. When you click this one you will have to give up your name, email, and phone number to continue.

I have done so, so you don’t have to! Each click along the path now gives you another video to watch to sell you on their products and services.

What is Traffic Authority – Traffic Store

The Traffic store is where you purchase the traffic you want to go to your website. They say they will send you a number of visitors to your website. The number depends on the package you select and purchase.

One of my biggest concerns about buying traffic for your website is, is that traffic going to convert into a buying customer.

You can have thousands of people see your website, or be sent there somehow, but, if they are not buyers then it is of very little value.

What is Traffic Authority  – Traffic Packages Pricing

What is Traffic Authority traffic

As you can see, this is NOT cheap, from a low of about $0.99 per visitor to a high of about $1.30 per visitor, you could be spending a lot of money to get people to see your site.

You would definitely want to consider what kind of conversion ratio you would need to make this profitable for your small business.

You might also want to consider that if you are wanting to spend this kind of money to get traffic to your site, a google adwords campaign might be more effective at getting better targeted traffic for less money!

What Is Traffic Authority – Traffic Optimizer

The Traffic Authority Traffic Optimizer is a monthly subscription service to some tools on their website. This is what they say you get for $27 per month.

What is traffic authority optimizer

Offering a “Capture Page Builder” these are landing pages that you would send potential customers to through an email campaign.  These are likely to be premade, and well used pages. Just like the one that you saw when you first found whichever lead page that brought you to Traffic Authority in the first place.

Remember, the basic principle of Traffic Authority, or any MLM, is to replicate the process that got you there in the first place. I ask you, is this product value?

With this subscription you also get what they call “Advanced Link Tracking.”

What is Traffic Authority - ALT

In case you are unaware of this, you can get this tool for free from Google. It’s so nice of them to charge you for a freely available tool.

Then they say that your site visitors that are on mobile devices will automatically be redirected to mobile optimized sites. Again this is just so much BS.

While it is possible to have sites that are specific for the device they are being viewed on, most decent WordPress themes today are automatically responsive to the device they are being used on. See some responsive themes here.

Again this is added hype for a product that is available for free from a reliable service provider.

What is Traffic Authority  – Traffic Academy

Another monthly subscription service, this one for $97 per month.

What is Traffic Authority Traffic AcademyTraffic Authority claims that with your $97 per month subscription to this service, you will be trained, in 30 days, to be a certified online traffic specialist. One that other marketers will pay big money.

Remember, this is an MLM program. In order to receive commissions on any of these products you have to purchase that product yourself, or have sent 3 qualifying purchase to your upline. Your sponsor, and their sponsor.

So, I figure that is why “other marketers” are paying big money. Because they come in the program in your downline and you make commissions from them when they pay for the program so they can earn commissions.

I did a quick google search for “Certified Online Traffic Expert.” I found  a few paid ads for Online, Traffic Schools, the kind you might need if you had tickets for poor driving.

And, I also found a few entries for folks that are promoting the traffic authority. I did NOT find any other entries, like job opportunities, etc.

Any certification is only as good as the certifying authority. Is Traffic Authority a respected certifying authority? Not that I am able to determine.

Here is a graphic from the video for the Traffic Academy. This one I can agree with. It’s too bad they don’t say this when they are trying to get you to buy the high ticket traffic packages from the Traffic Store mentioned above.Capture 176 What is traffic authority - traffic academy screenshot

If you would like a real world certification that will actually benefit you and your website you might want to try the Google Analytics Academy.

What is the Traffic Authority – Reseller Program

The Traffic Authority Reseller Program is a $20 monthly subscription plan that you must pay for to be a reseller of any of the Traffic Authority Products and Services.What is Traffic Authority reseller prog

It is very interesting to me with all the affiliate programs that are available on the internet today, the only ones I know of that charge you to bring them more customers are the scams.

You can become an affiliate partner for all kinds of great products and services online, and very few, if any, other than the scams, will ever charge you to join them. Much less a monthly fee.


What is Traffic Authority – Reseller Compensation Plan

The Traffic Authority Compensation Plan is a lengthy and somewhat convoluted plan of commission payments for resellers of the products and services offered by Traffic Authority. You can see the full document here. 

Here are a few of the highlights of the plan.

What is Traffic Authority compensation

Notice that for the monthly subscription services, which are the Traffic Optimizer and the Traffic Academy, the reseller is paid only once for the license key not the monthly recurring billing.

Remember also, as mentioned above you must have either purchased each traffic package level, or pass up 3 sales of that package, in order to qualify for the commissions on that package.

So if you have purchased a basic traffic package and a reseller license, and one of your customers purchase a gold traffic package, you will NOT be paid any commission on that sale!

Seems like a ripoff to me. But that is how these types of MLM programs work. Now let’s get down to the real nitty gritty of the Traffic Authority Compensation Plan.

In their income disclosure posted online they indicate that the average earnings for their resellers are between $500 and $2000 per year. They further state that “some earn less and some earn more.”

This is in stark comparison to the videos of people saying they are making hundreds a day or thousands a month. The income disclosure is likely much closer to the truth.

What is Traffic Authority – BBB Rating

One of the things I always try to look for when I am considering doing business with a company online is their Better Business Bureau rating.

This can sometimes be the determining factor for me personally. If a company has a good track record of being responsive to customer issues then I feel much more secure in doing business with them.

If they haven’t, then of course the inverse of that is true. Let me offer you this little thought provoking information:

What is Traffic Authority bbb review

I have confirmed that this listing is for the Traffic Authority represented in this article. As you can see the rating is not so good.

The reasons for this rating is due to unanswered customer complaints. The complaints on this company are for problems with the product or service, and billing issues.

For me, that just about says it all.

What is Traffic Authority – Pros and Cons


I always try to be as fair as I can when I am doing these reviews. Just because a company or system might have some problems doesn’t mean the whole thing is bad. But, I am having a very difficult time finding any redeeming values here.

If you can actually purchase quality traffic for your website from them, that might be something worth having. But, I think you could purchase that traffic through a pay per click campaign from Google that would be much better targeted for your particular audience, and quite possibly be cheaper too.


  1. Another opportunistic MLM program that seems more about selling the program than anything of real value.
  2. They are selling to you some products and services that are freely available online
  3. You have to pay to be a reseller or affiliate of their program. This is high on my scam alert list.
  4. Convoluted and limiting commission structure that requires you purchase upsells in order to qualify for commission on those products.
  5. Income disclosure that is NOT flattering to the company or the products.
  6. Very poor BBB Rating that erodes any confidence in doing business with them.

What is Traffic Authority – Who is it For?

Traffic Authority is being marketed in a variety of ways for several different potential audiences.

  1. Web developers and bloggers looking for more traffic to their website.
  2. Online Business Seekers
  3. Work At Home Business Seekers
  4. Get Rich Quick Seekers
  5. MLM Business Seekers

As is evident by their own income disclosure statement, it is likely that none of these people will benefit from Traffic Authority.

What is Traffic Authority –  Support

If you need support with the products or services at Traffic Authority, they offer an email address, phone number, and physical address for sending letters. They also have an FAQ on their support site, but it is a little difficult to find.

What is Traffic Authority – Price

Subscription Services

  1. Traffic Optimizer – $27 Per Month
  2. Traffic Academy – $97 Per Month
  3. Reseller License – $20 Per Month

Traffic Packages

  1. Basic Package – 170-190 clicks – $220
  2. Bronze Package – 340-380 clicks – $440
  3. Silver Package – 510-570 clicks – $660
  4. Gold Package – 850-950 clicks – $1097
  5. Platinum Package – 1700-1900 clicks – $2197
  6. Titanium Package – 3400-3800 clicks – $4297
  7. Diamond Package – 8100-8400 clicks – $8397

As far as I can tell there is no guarantee of quality for the clicks purchased in the traffic packages. So you could spend a fortune on traffic that doesn’t convert to sales.

What is Traffic Authority – My Final Opinion

Lacking any viable retail product I believe that the Traffic Authority will fail. In the meantime however, it will likely bilke hundreds or thousands of people out of their money by selling them the get rich quick, without doing much of anything, dream.

Traffic Authority is a rehash of a program called ILS or Infinite Leverage System. ILS was already reportedly unable to provide quality website visitors which is the only REAL product offered.

Ownership of ILS was the same people that are the owners of Traffic Authority. They will certainly continue to grow wealthy by selling a dream and basically stealing from the people that pay the entrance fees to what is yet another MLM scam.

Based on what I have learned about the company, their products, services, and ownership, I could not recommend this to anyone.

What is Traffic Authority – My final verdict – NOT LEGIT

What is Traffic Authority at a Glance…

Review: Traffic Authority
Website: www.trafficauthority.net
Name: Traffic Store, Traffic Optimizer, Traffic Academy
Owners: Gregory P Chambers, John C Stalvey, Douglas M Wellens
Cost: $20 – $8397
Rank: 00 out of 100


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I know because I have been through that over and over. I spent years trying and failing at a variety different online “opportunities.” Sadly the opportunity was for me to lose my money and my time.

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What is Traffic Authority Better than

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I wish you great success and prosperity!


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