What is Work At Home Institute

Search “Make Money Online” today, and you might find something that looks like this screenshot below. The top search result is a paid advertisement, but it looks legitimate. $2869 a week sounds pretty good. We are going to get the details about this offer as we discover What is Work At Home Institute.

What is Work At Home Institute - Capture 237 make money online Google Search

What is Work At Home Institute
What is Work At Home Institute

Review: Work At Home Institute
Website: Various Funnels, currently wahrev.com, wahedu.com,               wahinstitute.net and others.
Name: Work At Home Institute, Work At Home University
Owners: Ms. Michelle Withrow, Owner – Mr. Robert Robinson (Fictitious?)
Cost: $97 drops to $77 drops to $47
Rank: 00 out of 100

What is Work At Home Institute – Overview

To put it concisely would be to say that Work At Home Institute is an online link listing scam designed to separate those looking to learn to create a profitable online business from their likely dwindling cash reserves.

Ok, that might sound a little harsh and judgemental, but I think if you take a good look at the information I am about to share with you, you may come to the same conclusion.

Either way, I would like to know what you think about the Work At Home Institute or this review, so please leave me a question or comment at the bottom of the page.

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As mentioned in the opening paragraph, and again in the screenshot above, $2869 per week does sound pretty good so I am sure that an ad like this gets a lot of attention. People that are looking for a way to make some money online will likely be drawn in by that kind of number.

Sadly, this ad is crafted with deceit.

What is Work At Home Institute – It Starts With Lies

The ad appears to be coming from a site www.iworkfromhomejobs.zone . But, when I type that URL directly into the address bar in my browser, I get a webpage for the Western Marble Arch Synagogue. In London, UK .

This is obviously very strange and completely different that what you get if you just click on the ad.

Clicking on the ad takes you to another advertisement, at a completely different URL than what is shown in the ad.

That ad looks like this.

What is Work At Home Institute - Capture 240 Smarter Finance Dailysfdailycom

This ad is supposed to make you think you are looking at a news article and has a short video of a news report about working from home. The news video was a real story, but it has little or nothing at all to do with the Work At Home Institute.

What Is Work At Home Institute - Capture 242 Smarter Finance Daily quote

The ad is a fictional story, by a fictional writer, about a non-existent person who reveals to you her simple 3 step process to making an “extra” $8000 per month in her spare time! Wow, That IS amazing!

Only 3 Steps to $8000 per month! (if it sounds to good to be true…)

What Is Work At Home Institute - Capture 243 Smarter 3 steps

Many times the people who are looking at these ads are the very people who can least afford to be ripped off.

They might have lost their job. Can’t find another one. And, are watching their savings be eaten away by their daily needs.

People who are making plenty of money via more conventional sources are not very likely to be looking for these kinds of opportunities.

The sales pitch continues to entice you to action by telling you that there is a limited time to get 75% off Robert Robinson’s Work At Home Institute Course, if you order by tomorrow.

It’s a classic sales technique to try to hurry you into buying.

 What is Work At Home Institute – Sale Pitch Continued
What is Work At Home Institute - Capture 245 WAHREV video

Clicking any link on the page that looks like a news article will take you the page you see above. This one is at wahrev.com.

You can find this video at several different web addresses and you can get to any of them by a variety of links as well.

What Is Work At Home Institute - Sales Funnel
Example of Sales Funnel from Mindtools.com

Again you will see people that you might have seen before on network TV talking about people working at home. Once again it has little, if anything to do with the product you are being sold.

These things are all “Sales Funnels” a term used to describe the path of getting people from the prospect phase, to the paying customer phase of the buying cycle.

Through a variety of PPC (pay per click) and other advertising campaigns, people are brought into the funnel. Then convinced via the videos, supposed testimonials, and associated sales hype to purchase the offered product.

I say supposed testimonials above because during my research for other things like this I have found that the people doing the testimonials are frequently actors hired from places like Fiverr.com.

What is Work At Home Institute – The Final Sales Pitch

After a few clips of news anchors, then some supposed testimonials from actual users, the final pitch presentation begins.

What Is Work At Home Institute - Capture 246 WAH EDU V1

A voice identifying himself as Robert Robinson begins to tell you a rags to riches story that goes on for quite some time.

This story is meant to relate to you, the opportunity seeker, on a personal level.What Is Work At Home Institute - Capture 247 WAH EDU V2

He speaks of being a single parent, losing his job, unable to find another one, when he discovers the internet!

Then by way of a conversation with a neighbor he learns that there is a way to make big money online. Now he has done so well for himself that he feels compelled to share his secrets with you. Blah, blah, blah…  BS.

I would like to point out to you in the screenshot above where he says “If I could show you and easy, proven and guaranteed way …”.  The funny thing here is that in the disclaimer on the site that this message is posted on, it clearly states:

zero GUARANTEES ARE MADE THAT you’ll attain outcomes SIMILAR TO OURS OR anyone ELSES, as a matter of fact zero GUARANTEES ARE MADE THAT you’ll attain ANY RESULTS.

So, the information you are directly presented tells you there is a guaranteed way, but, if you do your research and read the disclaimer, you will see that there is NO Guarantee of any results.

My confidence in the product is seriously waning. The red flags of deceitful sales tactics are all over this one. Do you agree?

When the audio and video presentation is finished, the bottom of the page will change and offer you the following form to fill in.

What is Work At Home Institute - Capture 249 WAH EDU v4

This is where they will get your information so they can send you any future product offers that they think you might be a sucker for, eh, I mean might be interested in. 🙂

After filling in the form you are taken to the purchase page. This is where you will need your credit card. It looks like this.What Is Work At Home Institute - Capture 250 Secure Work At Home EDU Prog

Notice the deceitful pricing in the yellow circle at the top right. It says the price is usually $197, but now only $97 because there is an instant $100 cash rebate.

Then you are just “moments away from making money.” Not very likely, nothing happens that fast.

Clicking the back button on the browser will bring a warning message that if you leave now your changes won’t be saved, so I clicked the “stay on this page” button. Now there is a NEW lower price on the product.What is Work At Home Institute - Capture 251 Secure Checkout For Work At Home EDU v6

Only $77 now. Still too much probably. Hitting the back button brings up the same warning again. Once again I click stay on this page and I get another New lower price!What is Work At Home Institute - Capture 252 Secure Checkout For Work At Home EDU v7

Now it’s only $47 wow! This continually dropping price doesn’t make me feel like I’m getting a better value. It makes me feel like I’m getting ripped off, and that the product likely isn’t even worth the low price of $47.

What is Work At Home Institute – Terms and Conditions

When you purchase the product, at whatever cost you choose, you will have to put a checkmark in the box indicating that you agree to the terms and conditions.

Very few people will read the terms and conditions document. Most of it is the same legal mumbo jumbo that will hold them harmless in any use you might make of the service or product.

Here are a couple of things that I found particularly interesting about this sites terms and conditions.



In the former, you learn that the product you are purchasing has an expiration date. You can only use it for six months. I didn’t see this mentioned at all in any of the sales materials.

And, in the later, you can determine that the business is located in Texas. Being in Texas is not an issue, but, I am about to show you why this is important.

You should always do your research on a company like this before you purchase their products. In this case I’m here doing it for you. Knowing where a company is can really be helpful in determining their reputation.

What is Work At Home Institute – Better Business Bureau Rating

I had a little difficulty finding the report for Work At Home Institute using that as its business name. But, when I searched using their phone number found in their refund policy statement, the search returned several results.

What is Work At Home Institute - Capture 253 BBB Search Database 1

Note that this one is from the WAH University. University, Institute, since they have the same phone number, I would say it is the same organization.

Using the “State of Texas” reference in the terms of service, it was easy to determine that we have the right reference.

Now we will look a little closer at the details by selecting the “Read the BBB’s Report on this Business” link.

What Is Work At Home Institute - Capture 254 WAH University Review WORK-AT-HOME bbb2
Screenshot click image for full report

You can see in this image that the BBB has given this business an F rating.

And that there is an “ALERT ON WAH UNIVERSITY.” The alert details indicate that mail sent to this company was returned “address unknown.”

There have been at least 16 complaints registered with the BBB against this company in the past three years.

What Is Work At Home Institute – If you don’t like the message, kill the messenger
What is Work At Home Institute - Capture 255 Work at Home Institute bbb3
Screenshot – Click image for full report

They have denied many of the complaints and at one point lectured the BBB on accepting what they thought to be unfounded complaints from consumers and posting them on the BBB website.

To be as thorough as possible here is the info on the other listing at the BBB for this phone number.

Once again we have an F rating. Comparing these listings you see that they have different web addresses, but when you put either of them in a browser you will get the same sales page.

What Is Work At Home Institute – Pros and Cons


It is important to me to be as fair as possible in the reviews that I do. Frequently, even when I find a program or system has issues, I will point out the positives.

On this one however I have a very hard time finding anything of value that you would need to pay these people to get. I can find no references of people that have been successful using this product or any of its recreations.


  • Deceptive advertising from the very start.
  • Frequent re-creation of the scheme.
  • Terrible Better Business Bureau Ratings.
  • False Guarantees.
  • No Real Training.
  • No Real Support.
  • Numerous Replicated Websites.
  • Red Flags All Over

What is Work At Home Institute -Who is it for

Work At Home Institute is aimed at anyone who is trying to learn to make money online, or work from home, by selling you a dream of easy money, financial security, independence.

The sales tactics here disgust me, and in my opinion prey on those who can least afford to be tricked into buying a worthless product.

I do not believe that anyone other than those selling the Work At Home Institute Course will benefit from the product or their services.

It is clear based on the evidence above that this company has to reinvent themselves and their product every few years to continue to make money.

What Is Work At Home Institute – Pricing

Pricing for your 6 month membership to the Work At Home Institute Starts at $97. Then drops to $77 the first time you try to leave the site. Then drops to $47 when you try to leave again.

To me this is more evidence of a inferior product. They will do anything to get you to buy it.

What is Work At Home Institute – My Final Opinion

Work At Home Institute and all of it’s associated sites, which include the following:

  • Bobbie Robinson’s Work at Home Institute
  • Robert Robinson’s Work At Home Institute Course
  • Startup Freedom Club
  • Stay at Home Revenue
  • WAH InstituteWhat Is Work At Home Institute - scam image
  • Work At Home University
  • WAH University
  • Work At Home EDU
  • wahrev.com
  • wahedu.com
  • wahinstitute.net
  • wahuniversity.com
  • autopilotincomsystem.org

Is just a scam designed to separate you from your money. If you buy in, you will have access to worthless information that you could find on your own for free.

Final Opinion – SCAM

What is Work At Home Institute –  At a Glance…

Review: Work At Home Institute
Website: Various Funnels, currently wahrev.com, wahedu.com,               wahinstitute.net and others.
Name: Work At Home Institute, Work At Home University
Owners: Ms. Michelle Withrow, Owner – Mr. Robert Robinson (Fictitious?)
Cost: $97 drops to $77 drops to $47
Rank: 00 out of 100


You Can Make Money Online!

You probably found this review because you are looking for a legitimate way to make money online. As you have found out, you have to be very careful when you are thinking about making an investment in product of this nature.

Almost all of the systems or programs that you are going to see for making money online are going to sell you on a dream, a lifestyle, or lure you with some way to make a quick buck.

They are NOT going to tell you exactly what you will have to do to earn those BIG paychecks until you have paid the price of admission. Learning this way can be expensive and frustrating.

I know. I did it. I spent a lot of money and time looking for something to help me learn to make a living online. Just what you are doing now. What I learned along the way, didn’t make me any money, but, it educated me to be able to avoid some of the scams and schemes.

Eventually I did find something real that works. It’s not a get rich scheme by any means. You won’t get rich overnight. But, if you are looking to learn to create a successful online business from people that have really done it, here’s what you do.

If you are in a hurry to start, you can get a free membership here:
What is Work At Home Institute - wa_university_495x95

If you would like to learn more about Wealthy Affiliate before you get your free membership you can read my full review here.

I’m sure you won’t be disappointed! Wealthy Affiliate has a 10+ year proven track record! And, it is the only place I know that will let you have a FREE membership so you can try out the whole thing.

This is not just another scam. You won’t even need your credit card to start your free membership!

Near the beginning of this review I asked you to tell me what you thought about Work At Home Institute, and, or, this review. Please leave me a message below.


Learn more about me here!

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