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Who doesn’t want to live the lifestyle of staying in 4 and 5 star travel destinations and accommodations? I love gourmet food and luxurious, pampering hotels. These are just some of the things that are offered by the business opportunity we are going to look at today. Let’s see if the vichyssoise is really that good, or is there a proverbial fly in the soup as we learn, what is WorldVentures.

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Disclaimer: I am not currently, nor have I ever been, a member of WorldVentures. This information is publicly available and presented here so you can make an informed decision about this business opportunity.

What is WorldVentures

Review: WorldVentures
Website: WorldVentures.com
Name: WorldVentures Marketing LLC
Owners: Wayne Nugent, Dan Stammen,
Cost: minimum $199 + $54.99 per month (Gold Membership)
Rank: 70* out of 100 *with MLM Experience, 50/50 for novice

What is WorldVentures – Overview
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WorldVentures is a discount travel club with MLM / direct sales method of marketing. They offer curated VIP travel tours and accommodations called DreamTrips, at discount pricing.

You can join as a member just for the travel perks, or, for an additional fee you can become an independent representative and “Earn a living… living,” or so they say.

To join, you must have a sponsor. This sponsor would be one of the nearly 240,000 independent representatives worldwide. Like any MLM there is a significant culture and community.

The founders of the company have roots in other MLM companies and have brought that experience to bear in the travel industry.

What Is WorldVentures – Better Business Bureau Information
What is WorldVentures - bbb
Screenshot Click Image for full BBB report

The company was started in 2005 and has had an open file with the Better Business Bureau since July 2006.  There are 60 reviews on the BBB website. Of those, 57 are positive, 1 negative and 2 neutral.

There are also 264 closed complaints registered in the last three years. An additional 143 complaints that have been answered by the company but the customer did not accept or did not follow up with the BBB.

It is worth noting that after having reviewed many of the complaints, the business responded with a full refund.

“There is an alert for this business!”  here is the text of the alert.

What is WorldVentures - bbb alert

This is clearly a warning for people that might get involved with this company as a business opportunity.

I’m sure that WorldVenture also puts the majority of this information in the fine print in their literature, but, often with MLM organizations, by the time you are offered that information you have already been sucked in by the dream.

It is very interesting that a business with so many complaints still has a B+ rating. Factors that the BBB says raised WorldVentures ratings are:

  • Length of time business has been operating
  • Complaint Volume filed with BBB for a business of this size.
  • Resolution of complaints

What is WorldVentures – Membership Plans

WorldVentures offers two membership plans.

DreamTrips Gold – $199.99 initial membership fee, plus $54.99 per mo.

 Access to DreamTrips and VolunTours
DreamTrips extras, such as airport transfers, hosts, excursions and activities (where available)
Access to discounts on airfare (not included in trip price)
DreamTrips Rewards program
Exclusive travel deals year-round
Flight accident insurance3
DreamTrips Exclusive Deals
Dining and entertainment discounts
Online DreamTrips Mall
DreamTrips concierge

DreamTrips Platinum – $299.99 initial membership fee, plus $99.99 Per mo.

With your DreamTrips Platinum Membership, you’ll experience all the benefits of the DreamTrips Gold Membership, plus, where and when available:

Exclusive Platinum Member-only DreamTrips
Advance access and booking for all DreamTrips
Upgraded airport transfers
Early check-in and late check-out
50 percent discount on the room upgrade cost for available room types
Platinum Perks: Additional complimentary excursions, activities, greens fees, spa discounts, resort credits and more
Emergency evacuation services
Apply 20 percent more DreamTrips Points per Reward DreamTrip

See the full membership brochure here.

What is WorldVentures - notmagic

What is WorldVentures – The Business Opportunity

If you are interested in becoming a representative of WorldVentures you will have to pay a $100 Initial Fee, and $10 per month. These fees are in addition to the membership plan that you choose.

If you are interested in seeing their sales presentation, I have found this video below. It is 17 minutes long, and is one of the shortest ones I have found.

Mr. Ed Blunt does a good job of giving the presentation.

What is WorldVentures – Compensation Plan

Here is the basic rundown on what you will need to do to earn commissions with WorldVentures.

The compensation plan is convoluted. But, if you are considering getting into this business I suggest you take a good long look at it..

See the detailed compensation plan here.

While we are looking at the business opportunity and the compensation plan, it is also very important that we look at the earnings disclaimer.

What is WorldVentures - earnings

The chart above is very informative. But, I think you might also like to see this statement:

At the end of December 2015 there were 238,684 WorldVentures IRs in the United States. During the period January 2015
to December 2015 (“Fiscal Period”), 22.24% of all IRs earned a commission or override, while 77.76% did not. The average
annual commission or override earnings of all IRs, including those who did not earn a commission or override, was $300.35.
The average annual commission or override earnings of that group of IRs who earned a commission or override was
$1,348.82 and the median was $150.00. The data presented in the table above is based only on those IRs who earned a
commission or override within the time period of January 2015 to December 2015.

See the full income disclosure here.

Only 22.24% of independent reps earned a commission or override that is only 53,000 of the 238,684 reps that made any money at all.

The statement above also indicates that the average earnings of that 53,000 people was only $1348.82.

Minimum expenses for 1st year of Gold membership and the Independent Rep fees is $1079.

That doesn’t leave much profit for the “Average” guy in the program. $269

What is WorldVentures – Pros and Cons


  • Established company, operating since 2005.
  • B+Rating with the Better Business Bureau.
  • Interesting lifestyle product, VIP Travel Accommodations.
  • Compensation plan includes potential for residual income.
  • Established community for training and support.
  • Membership fees earn points for travel.
  • Company has charitable division, WorldVentures Foundation.
  • “Voluntourism” group vacations with social purpose.
  • Monthly membership fees are waived when you have 4 or more active reps below you.


  • MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) style marketing not liked by some.
  • Large number of complaints filed with BBB all closed with customer receiving full refund. (close review of the compensation plan indicates customer refunds will be charged back to the independent rep.)
  • DreamTrips are curated travel itineraries. May be limited by location and scheduling.
  • Income for average independent rep is terrible to non-existent.
  • Travel points earned through membership fees must mature 1 year to be used.
  • Travel points earned through membership fees expire 1 year from maturing.

What is WorldVentures – Who is it for
What is WorldVentures - meeting1
Sample Meeting

WorldVentures is marketed to persons who are looking for a business opportunity.

Many people may be introduced to it by friends or family who have become independent reps.

The marketing is done mostly by a representative inviting friends, family, associates, or acquaintances, to a meeting where they will be shown a presentation like the one on this page.

Reps that are new to the business are encouraged not to tell the prospect details about what the meeting is about because their lack of familiarity with the product and the pitch may alienate the prospect.

In the video below Scott Salterman says he got caught up in “the energy in the room, I was like gung ho about it.”

I’m sure there are a lot of people that feel the same way as Scott. Sometimes these kinds of meetings can seem to have a religious like fervor about them.

Some people will even compare MLM meetings with “cult like” experiences. There is a tendency for these types of organizations to spend a lot of time promoting the dream of wealth and lifestyle.

It can be very beneficial and empowering to be with like minded people, but, it is important to keep your excitement under control when you are making a business / financial decision.

What is WorldVentures – Tools and Training

WorldVentures has training events all over the world. There are four “Journey” events each year. These are week long conference events. The next event is in Hawaii and pricing for the conference is $500.

A regional training event is scheduled for August 20, 2016 in Atlanta, GA. This one day, all day event costs $40. That cost does not include accommodations, food or other necessities.

Representatives are able to connect with their sponsors and the upline for training.

What is WorldVentures – My Final Opinion

If you have successful experience with an MLM style business model then WorldVentures would likely be a great place for you to start a new business! As I mentioned in the opening paragraph, who doesn’t want to live the lifestyle of VIP travel accommodations.

Many people love to travel, and they spend a lot of money doing it! So, being able to offer 4 and 5 star accommodations at discount prices will certainly appeal to a huge number of people.

If you are new to MLM style marketing, I would suggest that you study the plan and the business carefully before you make your decision. Be sure that you are well informed and that you understand exactly what will be required to be successful.

Because this is a legitimate, well established company with a proven system I would recommend this opportunity to people who would be familiar with, and able to do the work necessary to have success.

The very low percentage of people that are actually successful with this program however does bring my rating down some.

I rate this opportunity at 70 out of 100 for experienced MLM business operators. And at 50 / 50 for the novice.

What is WorldVentures  – At A Glance

Review: WorldVentures
Website: WorldVentures.com
Name: WorldVentures Marketing LLC
Owners: Wayne Nugent, Dan Stammen,
Cost: minimum $199 + $54.99 per month (Gold Membership)
Rank: 70* out of 100 *with MLM Experience, 50/50 for novice


Verdict: Legit


Author’s Note:What is WorldVentures - Author1

I have reviewed a ton of business opportunities. And, I have tried quite a few over the years as well.

MLM sales programs have never really been my favorite.

The biggest reason, for me at least, is the “selling the dream,” method and mentality that is required to be successful at it.

I guess I don’t want to have to try to recruit my friends into something when I know that only 1 in 5 or less will be successful. Thats a good way to lose friends.

Would you invite your friends and family over to dinner if you knew that most of them are going to be sick after eating the meal you prepare? Probably not, and for me selling them on an MLM program is very similar.

So, just be careful when you get involved in MLM sales programs. Sure you will see people that look like they are living the dream for sure, but the numbers don’t lie, and the vast majority of people will not have that level of success.

You can have a successful online business!

Really! You might need to adjust your way of thinking about it a little bit however.

There is no get rich quick scheme that is going to give you the success you are looking for.

Even if you find some scheme that works in the short term, in the long term people will catch on to the scam and you will be forced to find another scheme.

I jumped from the latest shiny object to the next so called guru with a plan many times before I found a way to learn to create a legitimate successful online business.

If you are looking to learn how to really make it happen, and are willing to do the work, I do have something you will be very interested in!

What is WorldVentures -  WA 10yrs
NO BS! Learn how to create a successful online business! Start for FREE! No CC needed!

You can click the image above and get your new online business started right now! Start for FREE! Try out the whole thing and see if it is for you!

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12 thoughts on “What is WorldVentures”

  1. Hi Tom,
    I have the same feeling when some programme is designed to sell “dream”, that doesn’t sound right. My feeling on this is when a company is operating without having any product or service to sell, and making profit purely on memberships, then this may be just another pyramid scheme. I would put my money and effort in other places like wealthy affiliate.

    1. Hi Stan!

      Thank you very much for visiting ILoveWealthyAffiliate.com and for your comment regarding “What is WorldVentures.”

      I have to say I agree with your sentiments entirely!

      All the best to you in your endeavors!

  2. Hey, Tom. This is surely the most informative review I’ve ever seen. Actually, I’ve never heard about organizations like this before. I really like that you were honest and said not just good, but some negative but true things as well.
    I think this can be great for somebody who wants to see as many countries as possible and have a quite free lifestyle, or maybe I’m wrong.
    Overall, really great review.

    1. Hello Jolita!

      Thank you very much for visiting ILoveWealthyAffiliate.Com, and for your comment regarding “What is WorldVentures.”

      Thank you very much for your compliment of my review!

      It is important to me to be as fair and balanced as possible when I review the various business opportunities that come across my desk. They all have their ups and downs. I’m sure that there are some people out there that could find WorldVentures to be a great opportunity for them. While doing my research I found a few people that were in it just for the discount travel accommodations and they liked it very much.

      Thank you again for your comments here! Good luck to you in all your endeavors!


  3. This really makes me wonder about the Better Business Bureau ratings,
    I mean giving a MLM organization a B+
    rating because they have been in business for 10 years just doesn’t sit well with me. It just proves that they are good at taking peoples money and not really paying out.
    Of course that’s just how I look at MLM, unless you happen to be one of the first to join in their first year of operation, you don’t stand a chance of making any real money.
    I’m with you on not wanting to pester my family or friends into something that they won’t benefit from, we only have so many friends and family members, it would be a shame to lose them.
    Thanks Tom for the post,

    1. Hi Kim!

      Thank you for visiting ILoveWealthyAffiliate.com and for your comments regarding “What is WorldVentures.”

      I have looked at a lot of BBB reviews and examined their criteria for their ratings. One of the things that can help any business with their BBB ratings is by being responsive to complaints and resolving them to the satisfaction of the customer. It appears that the key to this is to issue full refunds, and have the customer go back to the BBB site and show that the complaint has been resolved.

      Certainly the MLM style selling method is not for everyone. I have tried it a few times over the past few decades, but it always left me feeling dirty.

      If you have a good product or service at a reasonable price all you have to do is let people know about it and they will tear your door down or make your phone ring off the hook to buy it.

      Thanks again for your comment Kim! I hope to talk with you again in the near future!


  4. Hi, Tom. That’s a very detailed review of World Ventures. I was involved with Amway for some time and so I get it when you say there is a lot of hype and cult like mentality that comes with it which is what I really detested. Some people actually find success in MLM but the majority live on the hopes of their uplines and dont make any money.

    Wealthy Affiliate is the place if to be if you are looking for hassle free business.

    1. Hi Leonard!
      Thank you for visiting ILoveWealthyAffiliate.com and for your comment regarding “What is WorldVentures.”

      The cult like mentality of many MLM type companies is one of the biggest turn offs for me. I don’t need a new religion, and that is what these things make me feel like I am joining. I agree completely with you that Wealthy Affiliate is the way to go! You really can turn your passion into a successful online business with the knowledge you receive at Wealthy Affiliate!

      10 Years in the business of teaching people how to be successful online and thousands of people who have been can’t be wrong!

      All the best to you in your journeys!


  5. I have heard of world venture infact I went to one of their meetings one time ago and it was pretty amazing of the things that I learn, like the amount of moneies that can be made and how you can travel the world at a great discount price and all that good stuff once you become a member. It really sounds pretty amazing.

    1. Greetings Norman!

      Thank you very much for visiting ILoveWealthyAffiliate.com and for your comments regarding “What Is World Ventures.”

      From what I understand about WorldVentures you can receive great discounts on group travel plans that are set up by them! If you decide to take a closer look and join, please be sure to come back and tell us of your experiences!

      All the best to you!


  6. Hello Tom,

    It is with my pleasure leaving you this comment. I heard about World Ventures from a friend who wanted to recruit me into this MLM program.

    The good news is that I found your article in the course of my research, and thanks for making things very clear for me.

    Now I can make my decision based on your thorough review. I personally don’t like the idea of paying for a retail products and selling it again to others and even having to go and look for other friends to recruit them is another BIG challenge.

    Once again thank you for this great article.

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